Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Book (ha!) is Nearing Publication

It's only taken several years and seven drafts, but this weird fucking project of mine appears to be at an end.

It's Only Egg & Cress, Do You Want It? is in the final proofing stages. THIS MAN is desperately churning it out with a fair amount of angst and pressure, and has lots to say about it having last read it three drafts ago.

I would like to say I'll be taking everything on board and writing an eighth draft, but that would be a lie. I never want to go near a computer again, much less think about writing another 300 page paperback.

Today's excitement (aided by a single can of Kronembourg I've had instead of eating dinner) is down to the front cover that was emailed to me today:

The back cover (for the physical book edition) is another story, but as far as Kindles go, this thing's ready for sale in the next five to ten days. Maybe. The actual book may be a week or two later, at which point I'll feel like I've actually done this and I'll be found running naked around Trafalgar Square honked up on something improper.

If you follow me on Twitter, expect me to become really annoying. Probably. If you (used to) read this blog, I'll try and get back into updating it, though it's been a while and I'm (almost) 41.

But otherwise, thank you for your patience.

Oh, and don't get your hopes up :(


looby said...

Fweng, this is brilliant news. You've got one guaranteed reader here for when the physical version (ooer) comes out. If you have managed to translate half of the involving, honest and self-deprecating style that I've come to love on this blog, into the book, then with any justice you'll never have to work... well, for a few months at least :) All the best and I look forward to having you in my hands (as that Thai ladyboy mighty have said).

pleasedonteatjo said...


I wait HOW MANY YEARS for you to finish this book and now you say DON'T GET YOUR HOPES UP??

Sorry Fweng. My hopes are up. And there's nothing you can bloody do about it.

(seriously though well done for writing a book, that's huge)

Exile on Pain Street said...

Kindle schmindle. Where's the paper? That's what I want. Do you ship internationally? Or can you hand-deliver a copy when your sent on tour?

daisyfae said...

I'm in! Keep us non-tweeterers up to date please!

Z said...

Yeah, I'll buy it. Twice if you like.

London-Lass said...

Now this is tremendously exciting and will be reading this thoroughly when I next get an opportunity.

Pah, who am I kidding? I am reading it now (yeh, whilst supposed to be at work in the office, how fearless am I?!).

May I also offer my congratulations for managing to make 300 pages. I have been typing my book for years but haven’t got any further than 10 (constant re-writes, darling, constant re-writes). The Chuppies is begging me to finish my book (he is convinced we will both become magically super rich, you see) but, as I keep telling him, that's a bit like badgering a toilet occupant into squeezing out a supremely large and very constipated turd. Aint gonna happen.

But you actually broke through. And got all the shit out.

And for that, Fweng Ebola, you're my hero :)

i am not your freud said...

i don't have a kindle so i'm waiting for the hard copy, but i've read an excerpt and i'm looking forward to reading more!

fwengebola said...

Looby, Jo, Exile, Freud, LondonLass, Df and Z ~ Thanks all. I'm going to be horribly lazy and address you all in one go. It can be bought direct from Createspace with the official Amazon link coming live in a few days, though there's no difference: it's all the same company. Exile, it should be cheaper for you at least in delivery terms; they're printed in South Carolina. And thank you,
London Lass. The effort is all worthwhile at the end. The trick is to get there.

luna said...

Is it going to be found in any kind of a SHOP you know, with a front door and someone who says hello, even maybe a COFFEESHOP in LONDON, which city after all you owe so much too, and its inhabitants...
why do you have to employ printers from round the other side of the globe, there are no good ones in Stepney any more???

i've read the beginning online but will only buy (in multiples) only if you make it easy.

why don't you leave a pile at Russell brand's door HAHA in his new era cafe in hoxton,freshly produced heheh

fwengebola said...

No, not yet. But I am having the book re-typeset to make it thinner/ cheaper. Which should help, apparently.