Friday, January 09, 2015

Rate My Title

Oh hello, happy new year. Apologies for the lack of anything but, y'know, book. I'm 20-something pages from the end of draft 5, then it's a cursory last-minute check before I publish this fucker once I work out a) how to publish it, and 6) artwork - both of which are massive undertakings I haven't considered properly.

Anyway, I wanted to solicit your advice. I've had my title now for about a year, and I like it. It's quirky and (hopefully) eye-catching, with a 'reveal' towards the end of the book. The title's:
  • It's Egg & Cress, do you want it?
Then @digressica proof-read the story and did an amazing job, recommending in the process that I use a different title taken from the content:

  • Wrong-Com
Now I'm confused. Egg and Cress is weird, but doubly so as I believe many English-speaking countries don't even know what the hell that is. And while Wrong-Com's pithy with a play on a phrase that should be obvious, it sounds generally negative whereas Egg & Cress has an interesting positive question.

I also have a hunch if this blog's been anything to go by, then my (ugh) "target demographic" will likely be women, and 'Wrong-Com's more accessible than 'Egg...' which my testosterone-based chums seem to prefer.

Yes, I'm over-analysing this.

Please let me know your thoughts below, and by all means please suggest alternatives to confuse me further.

Yours, blah blah blah

Normal service may eventually resume this year.


Exile on Pain Street said...

I have no idea what 'Egg & Cress' is but I like it. I prefer that one. It sounds regional and gives local color. The other one sounds a bit like a failed Kate Hudson film. I'll buy a copy, either way.

daisyfae said...

i'm leaning toward "Egg..." (perhaps because mine are all dried up?). i've always been a bit of a blokey girl, so i may not be the best demographic check...

by the way, congratulations on getting to the point where you are sorting a title and artwork!

digressica said...

Weeeelllll I am in two minds about it as well to be honest. I think for the average person scrolling Amazon or whatever, Wrong-Com is just kind immediately accessible in the brain, it's something to latch onto and have an idea of what this book is about (at least partially). Egg & Cress is quirky and unusual but, for me at least, it kind of says nothing about what's between the covers. Also I think the biggest downside to it is that - as I think you've pretty much covered above - if you aren't English (or haven't spent time in England) you might not have a clue what egg & cress even refers to.

I do worry that Wrong-Com slightly diminishes the content a little, but I think ON THE WHOLE it's kind of an easy "in" to the story, if that makes sense?

KP Webster said...

WrongCom. No hyphen. I think it's very good. But then who am I? Grab it quick before someone else does.

Anonymous said...

I would go with "Egg and Cress." It's interesting and intriguing. It's the type of title that would have me pick up the book and read the back to see what it's all about. "Wrong Com" is beyond cheesey - sounds like a Marion Keyes wanna-be, stupid chic lit. I would avoid any book with this "catchy" title. (For what it's worth, I'm American, and I know what egg and cress is).

Zstep said...

WrongCom, definitely. If someone comes across the "Egg & Cress..." title will they know wtf it is about? Is it a cookbook of crap English cooking? WrongCom gives potential buyers an immediate idea of what the story will be about and will either interest them (oooh, I like those kinds of stories) or not (crap Rom com, funk dat).

I'm American and have no idea what Egg & Cress is. Planning on buying it though... you're an excellent and entertaining read.

looby said...

I assume you're going to start publishing in the UK, where all the cultural references of "egg and cress", and why being offered it is a bit of a mixed blessing -- or a curate's egg ha ha -- will be understood. There's no need to be concerned about the incomprehension of Americans at the moment. Later, you can choose a different title for the colonials.

Nevermore IV said...

I like it. Definitely looking forward to the release.

luna said...

none, e & cress as i said sounds like a cookbook or how to put together a quick sandwich for the cack handed male , and wrong com mistaken for obscure tech manual or something.

so back to brain storm!

well you did ask for my opinion

P.S. actually now i see it written down i quite like Cack- Handed...

Anonymous said...

Have Egg and Cress etc as the British title. In other countries/territories, the title can change.
(Looking forward to it).
-British Gal Does Tokyo

fwengebola said...

Exile ~ Great feedback, Egg & Cress it is. The hell's nearly over (of writing it; the hell of reading it begins)
df ~ You get both a 'thank you', and an 'ugh'. I got that reference.
dig ~ I'm overcoming the oddness of the title by having a big sandwich on the cover, although it looks odd and has no major relevance to the story, so that's nice. It's all a bunch of arse anyway. Once this is done, I can forget all about it and go back to the gutter.
KP ~ I know. I still like it. And I could've bought a website to promote it. Except I'm not. Too much trouble.
Anon ~ You have egg and cress sandwiches in America? They're fairly disgusting (still eat them though. Normally when I need a pre-packaged sandwich and they're the only ones left. Which they always tend to be)
Looby ~ Actually, no. Sticking it up on Amazon for worldwide kindle purchasing, or POD book buying.
Nevermore ~ Thank you. Nearly there.
Luna ~ Cack handed? Actually that sounds quite good.
But, no.
BGDT ~ I don't think I can promote it in different countries separately. I'm just sticking it up on the internet then walking away. At least that's my plan.