Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm posting. It's May 30th, and I'm posting - but I'm not sure how.

Today was the day that Blogger, now conjoined with Google and twinned with Satan, gave as it's deadline to merge all my accounts, or LOSE EVERYTHING.

Now I've only got my Blogger account - Fwengebola - and my Google account - Real Name - although I never used the latter as I was on Google Plus for about 20 minutes before I realised it spat balls so I never went back.
I've also got a YouTube account - Completely Random & Irrelevant Name - where I leave witty bon mots on North Korea videos and debates about atheism.

But getting to the point because I'm boring myself, Google/ Blogger demanded I merge these accounts. It annoyed me (as most things do) but long story short, I dutifully did the merge... and it didn't work. Like, really didn't motherfucking work. I used my passwords, all of them, all written down and carefully annotated for such an event, but they weren't accepted. I was able (very easily, in fact) to change my passwords on both Fweng and Real, but when it came to enter them in at the log-in so I could GET TO THIS FUCKING BLOG, I was denied.

It made NO SENSE. Enter password, password not accepted. Allowed to change password via email or phone SMS security links, changed password, go to log-in... password not accepted.

So I checked the Internets for help. I was not the only one having this problem. I emailed Google/ Blogger to say I was 18 days shy of their deadline, and really worried as I was about to lose everything. Their response....?



Anyway, I tried again today, and I'm back. If I go silent again, maybe something fucked up. Who knows.

I have to talk to Ed, watch an episode of Mad Men, and hate my life. Then maybe I'll squeeze in a new post. That could be fun.


McTodd said...

How bizarre! I've got a blogger account (with 4 blogs), a gmail account and a youtube account and I've never merged them, don't have any problems with them. I may have received an email from them about it, but I never read them. Anyway, good to see a new post, fingers crossed in future, eh?

Z said...

Well, since you haven't posted for six bloody weeks, I wasn't sure if you'd ever be back again. I worry about you, you know. What if that weight of filled socks on top of your wardrobe crushed you during the night? We'd never know. Well, not until your body was found several weeks later and hit the headlines, I suppose. Anyway, I recommend you write a post while you still can.

Redbookish said...

Delurking to say, love your blog and absolutely love the title for today's post.

fwengebola said...

McT! It was because mine's an old legacy count and needed some updating it then wouldn't let me do.
Zed! The socks are under my bed. Corpses on top of the wardrobe. It's a big wardrobe.
REDBOOKISH - Squeee! Thanks for that...