Thursday, February 24, 2011


My Childhood's been ruined. When I was a kid, this advert was massive. Really massive. Note how well it's actually performed, a little story with a happy ending to boot in 50 flipping seconds!

The name J.R. Hartley thus became embedded in the nation's subconciousness, or mine at least. I'm pretty sure most Brits of a certain age would be familiar with it. It even inspired comic sketches, viz:

And then my mate Ed tonight drew my attention to this. I have nothing else to say, except perhaps I hate 'trendy' modern advertisers.
And bad acting.
And the French   #irrelevant

Friday, February 04, 2011


Found just now as I was watching the latest Alan Partridge Mid-morning Matters, the advert I was bizzarely forced to audition for a couple of months ago...

I'd gone for role of 'So what did they say?' man - yes, the guy in the chain holding the lotion - back when they were casting for someone stockier and gingerer. I see the script actually became a lot more groinal.

Thank god I didn't get it.

I think.