Monday, November 09, 2009

If You Can't Stand the Wheat...

A few days ago, seven, to be precise, I came across something online that intrigued me, and it wasn't YouPorn.

In short, it suggested a correlation between my oft miserable state of mind, and my 'Anything Goes' eating habits, and it was THIS.

So today, and for the first time in my life (as far as I know), I have eaten no wheat. By extension, I have not eaten any processed foods. They tend to go hand in hand.

My intake has been ~ lunch: homemade chicken salad (no pasta); dinner: haddock fillet with rice and veg.

And I only want to kill just slightly.

I didn't feel the need to have breakfast, because I spent all of last night gorging on crisps, garlic baguettes, 15 pizzas, a pallet's worth of Pringles, and a Belgian biscuit mountain, the kind of foodcrack that makes a breakfast redundant.

Oddly enough though, I don't see this as a diet in the conventional weight-loss sense. It's more an experiment in cutting out a particular food type to see what it'll do to my general well being.

My theory is, as I get "happier", I'll be less inclined to give up.

My gut feeling is that I'll be injecting pure carbs into my eyeballs by Friday.


Anonymous said...

i know it's a silly, crazy thought... but i was kinda wondering that if maybe, just perhaps, you had briefly considered reducing the amount of processed stuff you consume, rather than going all extremist and shit with the NO, NO, NEVER AGAIN, NONE, I'LL SWEAR THEM OFF FOR ETERNITY OR FRIDAY WHICHEVER COMES FIRST approach?

just a thought...

but if you are shooting up by friday? we want pictures...

Miss Milk said...

Maybe it's because people who can actually maintain diets like that feel smugger and - frankly - thinner than other people.

Bike riding should have made you happy too - endorphins and all that. And it seemed to - kind of - except not for long.

But that might have been because you stopped. I don't really remember.

Regardless of whatever study they've cooked up, at least trying to cut out all the processed junk will probably make you feel better and healthier (I know it works that way for me), so go for it.

Just don't turn that Friday joke into a self fulfilling prophecy.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

May I suggest replacing wheat with beef? Every time you go to eat a wheat-based food, replace it with a nice pastrami or a porterhouse steak. You'll be thanking me in no time at all.

Anonymous said...

There is actually a genuine link between depression and suicides caused by an imbalance in Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils.

There was an article recently that mentioned an experiment in prisons not so long ago that changed the diet of aggressive and violent prisoners from one that was processed to one that was high in wholefoods and omega-3 oils. Whilst they didn't become model citizens, the incidences of violence within this group of prisoners was reduced considerably.

Apparently, there is supposed to be a much higher ratio of omega-3 than omega-6 oils in the human brain, so God knows what damage we're doing to ourselves with this hideous western diet of ours.

Z said...

I had already read it and thought of you. I didn't mention it because it's your decision. All the best, Fweng.

Ellie said...

I would fail miserably at cutting out wheat entirely. I would be destined to fail.

I have, however, been hugely successful at cutting out loads of shit in the interest of lowering my cholesterol. Cheese - out (hence pizza, out); processed foods with saturated fats out (ie just about any quick bite.).

I still have a slice of toast (wheat, no butter, some jam). I've gotten used to eating this way.

I'm rambling. This is just what I've done. I'm sure it'll be a different recipe for you. x

luna said...

Well what a breakthrough obvious conclusion anyway , that bad food = bad mood.

But i'm puzzled by your reaction:cutting out wheat?

Wheat is no junk food per se.Pasta's good for you! look at all those gorgeous italian statues in the A&V museum.No whacky wheat free diet for them.
I think you can safely eat some couscous/buckwheat with your chicken salad.

And if you're worried about your nutrition, why don't you enlist your gp to do the whole vitamins/minerals/trace elements deficiency test in a more systematic way - at the moment you're stabbing in the dark.

luna said...

P.S. have you read the Paul reizin book on blind dating?

heybartender said...

You should also add Vitamin B Complex. It makes me so much less stabby. Also, it is water soluble so you can't take too much. And, it makes you pee a really neat electric yellow color. You'll love it.
The last person I finally convinced to try this actually thanked me. I don't expect that, but I would be so happy if you would try it. I'm just sayin'.

luna said...

It depends if the b vitamins turn into cyanide or not in the body.
You don't want to poison yourself in the long term.
Eat up your offal instead.
There's nothing wrong with vatfuls of juicy liver!!

in any case there's no point in taking anything without some kind of firm diagnosis and tests.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fweng,

Delurking w/ quick comment having lost a longer one. Have read and enjoyed your blog for over a year, having some sort of attraction to humorous negativity.

Learned last year through testing by a naturopathic doctor that I'm sensitive to wheat, and stopped eating it as well as sugar and processed foods (with some backsliding--I'm only human) and I feel much better and more energetic and focused when I continue this way.

People often want to wheedle me into eating things with wheat, or have a discussion about it, not realizing how difficult it can be to resist temptation or frustrating to reason that their experience with wheat may not apply to everyone, let alone how bad it might make me feel to eat it. So I just say I'm allergic and they accept it without argument or unhappiness.

After a couple of days of not eating wheat etc., you may feel worse, which could mean you're onto something, and you'll feel better than before in a few days time--give it a chance before quitting right away. Good luck!

McTodd said...

Mushy peas.

That's all I'm saying.

fwengebola said...

df ~ Reduce? That's odd. Besides, I have to consume all the crap I've bought then and there, and remove all traces of evidence for the following day.
Makes perfect sense.
MM ~ I am still cycling, but it's painful. Someone's turned on the rain tap. And the wind generator. How's cutting out processed working out for you? Was it even a problem to start off with?
UB ~ Funnily enough, I don't eat much red meat as it is. I read as a kid that it can sit in your gut for up to a month, slowly digesting. It also helps that it was never one of my must-eat foods, of course. Chalk that up to chicken, and crisps. (or chips, in your vernacular.)
Anon ~ Are you by any chance an Omega-3 salesman? I agree with your point about our hideous Western diet. Ostensibly, it's all about mass production and keeping costs down, and that's what we're throwing (quickly, and alone) down our necks in front of our PCs.
Z ~ Thank you, Zed. It's worth a shot. Although I'm not noticing any real change nearly a week on. But then I did eat crisps yesterday.
Ellie ~ Really? I sorta already eat that way (I think), except I still eat cheese. And crisps. I'm really addicted to crisps; childhood comfort food.
So I really can't tell. I don't know what works and what doesn't anymore.
Luna ~ No-one cuts out wheat because it's junk; it's because they could have an intolerance to it but have become tolerant to the intolerance. They're lethargic, depressed, and that may be due to an excess of wheat. They have to cut it out for a few weeks to see if it has any effect on their mood - which is what I'm attempting.
I don't think a nutritionist will be able to give me any more help that I will searcing things out on my own.
So there.
And, no.
hb ~ Really? Vitamin B Complex? I'm gonna look into that later. I'll wait until I finish these boring diet pills. I don't like to take any pills at the best of times (unless they're illegal and will do weird things), and I worry about mixing pills.
This, from a person who takes ecstasy.
Okay, took ecstasy.
Luna ~ Cyanide? WTF??
Anon ~ Oh hello. Welcome. That's very interesting to hear, but I've completed a working week with as zero-wheat as I can manage, but I don't really feel any different; neither happy nor unhappy. I think perhaps I may not be intolerant after all (at least, to wheat)
As someone who is, how long did it take you to snap out of the wheat-fug and realise you were on to something?
Thanks for delurking, smileyface.
McT ~ Try saying "Have some money", or, "Here, these beers are on me."

thalie said...

Hey Fweng,

I keep checking in to see if there's a post about how the new diet's going. Wheat is in lots of things eg. soy sauce, you need to read labels to make sure it's not sneaking in. When you're clear (2-3 wks), you can challenge test by eating progressively larger amounts of wheat over three days and watching for reactions. When I was at naturopath school we had to do this, at the time I thought intolerances were a load of self indulgent wank. After 2 weeks of no wheat I ate a bread roll and a bowl of pasta and my stomach blew up like a drum and I felt crap. Humility.

I keep all grains to a minimum now and feel much better for it. In my experience, cutting out sugar and processed foods and eating real food generally makes a difference to most people.

You could try the 19/21 rule, as long as 19 meals a week are healthy, you can eat whatever the fuck you want for the other two.

And cyanide in vitamin B? WTF???

Good luck sweety xxx

luna said...


And if you think you can diagnose yourself better than a qualified expert in nutrition, you have a serious control freak problem.

My guess is you don't eat enough of enough varied foods for your substantial frame and exercise levels and nothing to do with imaginary allergies.
Common sense really.

Une Londonienne said...

I'm assuming quitting wheat has either a) killed you, or b) led to a massive wheat binge, which has lead you to be completely incapacitated. Either way, no blog in ages. Sort it out! Please and thank you :)

fwengebola said...

Thalie ~ Hi Thalie, I appreciate your points, but it's all so fucking boring. I'm still trying to avoid wheat, but weekends are proving particularly difficult.
I don't think I've got the patience to manage 3 solid weeks of zero wheat.
I'd love to try, but I can't face trying.
Luna ~ What makes you think I'm not a control freak?
Lond ~ Well hello. I'm neither dead, nor unblogging. I've just written a particularly miserable one, but then it is Monday.

luna said...

You are a control freak.In contradiction.

By the way id you know that smokers use up 20% more vitamin c than non smokers?

fwengebola said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, surely, slightly lazy 'depressive' people are more likely to eat junk food than 'normal' people (because they're too apathetic to cook and all that shit). So does junk food cause depression or do depressed people eat junk food? Just a thought - Sounds like bad science to me. If you were happier and 'better balanced' you might have time and enjoy cooking etc. etc...

fwengebola said...

Yes, good point. It's all a rich tapestry.