Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great, a Date

Today, I remembered why I hate online dating sites.

It's not the fact that they're cold and impersonal, as you search impassively through hundreds of profiles of the desperate and lonely. It isn't the ignoring, and being ignored that might occur when contact is attempted. And nor is it the wider implications of the sites very existence, a searing indictment of how time-starved and inept we've all become.

Nope, it's the fucking blind date I've got lined up for tomorrow. I'll be honest: I don't want to go. I absolutely hate blind dates, and in the 4 years since I'd last gone on one, I'd totally forgotten. They're nerve-wracking. They're cringe-worthy. They're painful. And all this is of my own, accidental devising. The woman in question is the only one guilt had made me email out of several respondents. I'd ignored all the others, and felt awful about it. (I always want to leave a good impression on every date, and not arranging any made this easier to accomplish.)

The blind datee has insisted we meet up in a part of London that an ex-girlfriend of mine lives in, with a dozen of her mates. I'm not saying I'll bump into that ex while I'm on this awkward date, I'm just saying the likelihood is greater in that particular locale.

On the plus side, my last blind date (those 4 years ago) ended with sex that same night. She'd flown over from the States and we'd met in the hotel bar. That American lady had been my last girlfriend (and, uh, sexual partner), and by some bizarre coincidence as I spent this afternoon emailing impending date lady, I was emailed out of the blue by American ex ~ her current boyfriend has dumped her.

I have no idea what any of this even means.

And now I'm scared.


ess jay said...

get back with the yank

Anonymous said...

It means that she's nothing but a selfish witch who uses you to boost her ego whenever she gets dumped. Haven't you got more self-respect than to be some little lap dog, rolling on your back and doing tricks at her beck and call? The whole thing is so one-sided it drives me mad - she's behaving really unkindly.

Don't take her email as some pseudo-sign that the blind date isn't meant to be. IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THE YANK, capisce?

daisyfae said...

you have a remarkable knack for self-defeat... if you set yourself up for failure, you will generally succeed. so is that success or failure? shit. too early in the day for this. i need a beer...

i am not your freud said...

it doesn't mean anything. the american lady is a no no.

don't go on dates with people out of guilt that's just unnecessary. you have every right to think that someone isn't your cup of tea.

Z said...

Blind date girl is nervous too.

Pip said...

Fuck you're annoying

Forget the Yank. She doesn't want you. She just wants someone

Go on the date. If it works out, then great. If it doesn't, does it really matter?

Virtual Daisy said...

To repeat - BLIND DATE GIRL IS NERVOUS TOO. Be nice to her - at least behave like a human being.

And the yank is feeling lonely and rejected and wants to be reminded that someone likes her (but it's not about you) Remember, your blog posts only a few months ago?!

Anonymous said...

How was the date?

Anonymous said...

god, i hope you got laid. like, finally.

Ellie said...

please have gotten laid

looby said...

It doesn't matter if he's "got laid" (ugh). Had a nice time, got on, areas of interest, bit of sparkle...?

But I'm dying to know!

jason quinones said...

revenge fuck the yank. dump her ass promptly. never call her back.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Is it wrong that I'm kind of with Jason on that?

Yeah. Ignore the e-mail. You've got a date..waaaahhhooooooo

Anonymous said...

Any news???

fwengebola said...

Ess ~ Interesting. And very unlikely.
Anon ~ Woah! Well it's not that cut and dry. For one thing, she'd split up with her guy a couple of months ago. For another, she's not doing anything unkind. It's just chatting. But yes, that's all over.
df ~ You mean I do succeed in something? I can't help it - it's so much easier to believe in failure.
IANYF ~ I love that rabbit picture. Well if it's any consolation, I'm dropping the guilt by not going on the date.
Oh. Now I feel guilty.
Z ~ Yes. And soon she's going to be mad as hell, I'm guessing.
Pip ~ Yes, I know I'm annoying. And as to the dating part, I'm afraid I've just started to lose the plot slightly, so I don't know if I can handle it.
VD ~ Yes, okay, but I really have to insist that I don't think the American ex is up to anything. We're just emailing.
Anon ~ Non-existent.
Anon ~ Regrettably, no.
Ellie ~ If I did, I'd have to cull the blog.
Looby ~ It didn't happen! And I doubt it will now, which makes for terribly boring reading.
JQ ~ Revenge fuck? She should be revenge fucking me. I'm the one who dumped her.
I can't not contact her again though; that would be mean.
PDEWYMO ~ Uh, yeah, about that date...
Anon ~ Yes - None.

luna said...

What are you, a professional victim?? Defending his bully?

luna said...

What are you, a professional victim?? Defending his bully?

fwengebola said...

Who, me?