Monday, July 06, 2009

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

All I do now is write; write when I get home from work, and write all weekend (once I've managed to snap out of the Youtube reverie of watching anything rather than eek out a painful story that'll never get published.) I'm now 35 chapters in, with about 5 more left to write, my original NaNoWriMo 50,000 word draft now upped to a current 95k. I hope to have this damn fucking albatross of a novel finished later this month, upon which I intend to go on an ether, opiates and crack binge for the next 25 years or until my heart packs in - whichever's sooner (my money's on the latter, after about an hour).

In other (non) news, it took me about two or three days to snap out of my Lovely American Ex-Girlfriend delusion. I've spent the better part of two years dropping hints (i.e. asking outright) to go back and see a frankly indifferent and slightly bitter ex who only seemed eager to 'forgive' me a couple of months ago, re-establishing contact as we bombarded each other with emails, photos (two) and phonecalls (one apiece), only for her to casually drop the new relationship bomb in passing as I tried to negotiate a trip to her home town.

If anyone can get hold of an original folio of 'The Mourning Bride' by William Congreve (1697), please do let me know, because next to the line; "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned", you should find an etching of her prodding me in the arse with a pike.

She's now been downgraded to ex-girlfriend (American).

As for my recent road accident, my bike vs. some cunt in a car, I've still yet to hear from the Metropolitan Police. It would appear that they don't help the public anymore, burdened as they are by said whinging bastards and their fucking paperwork. I've phoned them a couple of times only to be told it's 'in hand', and furthermore, the number plate the PCSO took down might be wrong.

Oh good.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

You sound like a different person. What happened? Does it come in a pill? Where can I get a supply?

Huw said...

If they're saying the PCSO "might" have taken down the index wrong, what they mean is they "are absolutely sure" they don't have the right one.

Anonymous said...

The police are a bunch of lazy, jobsworth cunts. My girlfriend's stolen bike being a case in point. She waited at Islington station for an hour to be seen, and when she finally had the chance to speak to somebody the officer on reception duty told her to let some screaming, harpy-voiced, troglodytic, chav cunt in front of her and then told her to, 'go and sit over there and wait your turn.' Half an hour later the same sneering specimen of a police officer said: 'Maybe you should go and fill out the crime report online, love!' And the police wonder why the public has no respect for them.

jason quinones said...

make sure you back up all the writing for the novel! just a warning, not a jinx.

good to read that you're in better spirits.

p.s.-cops suck

fwengebola said...

UB ~ Christ, no. I'm still the same. I was merely pondering the ex when I thought, 'Hang on a minute, she indulged in a flurry of contact at exactly the same time as she got in on with her new chap. I think I'm being made to look a mug, here.
As for the writing, I've just persevered for so long that it's almost over, and now I'm writing myself into an early grave.
It's all the dawning of obviousness; no pills required.
Huw ~ Oh indeed. I received my first letter from the coppers to say it's in hand. I'm waiting for the next one in about a month, saying 'you're fucked.'
Anon ~ I know you.
Yes, I rather think they're scum.
I hate my book now.
JQ ~ Ahoy, you. Yes, I keep a paranoid backup on harddrive.
Doesn't stop it all being obstensibly shit, though.

jenn said...

Huzzah he writes!

95k? Seriously?

I get excited when a story surpasses 20k. Yeesh. I so hate you. Seriously. 95k on one plot? Yeah hate you.

Anonymous said...

As a Rozzer who enjoys popping in on I.H.T.E now and again, could I just voice something re: The Cops Are Cunts standpoint.

It's a sad aspect of my job that, when some nasty fucker does something to decent member of society, and it proves impossible for me to catch that nasty fucker (let alone charge them) I am somehow seen to be in cahoots with said nasty fucker. I honestly joined this job to mess with those nasty fuckers - I was a member of Joe Public too until relatively recently, and know exactly what it's like to be on the receiving end of some of the thugs we live amongst - and the chance to right a few of their wrongs is still what gets me out of bed at 4am (or crawling into bed at 8am) without complaining too much.

Basically, it sucks he hasn't been caught (and, let's be honest, won't be) but the Police are no more responsible for his actions than you are. And let's face it, if what happened to you was in the top 10 worst things that happened that hour in your borough, London was having a very peaceful day.

fwengebola said...

Jenn ~ It’s 105,000 in total now. Although it’s mostly rubbish, plus the last 20k of that has yet to be worked on and will probably be chucked.
Ugh, irritating process.
Anon ~ Well hello, status quo enforcer (admittedly that sounds odd.) I feel rather heartened to think that you’re out there getting those nasty fuckers; that makes me feel better – except of course one man’s stand-up guy can be a copper’s nasty fucker, depending on opinion. But to discuss your point, not catching a nasty fucker doesn’t to me make you in cahoots, but it does raise questions in Mr & Mrs Civilian’s head (okay, and me) that the crime they’ve/ I've been a victim of is just another irritation in their over-stretched and difficult day.
It’s merely the Them and Us mentality (and no, he won’t be caught. All I’ve had thus far is a letter saying they’ve received my report, soon to be followed up by another letter saying they've reached an investigation cul-de-sac, and case closed.)
But I’m impressed at your copperhood. I went to join a while back, giving up after I studied the brochures and decided it’s a lot of trauma to go through whilst no longer being trusted by a large section of society. Plus, oh yeah, I do drugs now and then.
Not a good mix.

luna said...

Found a handbag in a phone box the other day and a policeman returning to the station agreed to take it over after having written down my details.
A true London sight: a bobby in full helmet gear strolling down the pavement, a latest-in-Milan, gold-chained, bright purple handbag under his arm ;)

fwengebola said...

You should've taken his picture. Well done, you. That's the kind of honesty I admire.

luna said...


Wouldn't be caught dead in that flashy waggy tat..

fwengebola said...

You get in handbags?

Anonymous said...

Oh you know what I mean!

fwengebola said...

So you're the anonymous person!