Monday, April 27, 2009

End Of Days

Is it me or are Fundamentalist Islamists pissing themselves laughing right now?

First the world economy collapses up its own arse, then that same world is under threat from a porcine flu pandemic.

My boss is buggering off to Japan again, tomorrow, in fact. This means a), I have to run his company into the ground by myself again and b), I have to take a break to rush down to Southampton and humiliate myself via the medium of the Best Man speech.

And to top it all off, I've got to manage a new French intern (male), who will arrive on my birthday, no less.

I have bought a nice suit though.

Oh my god, this blog is turning into one of those 'What I had for lunch' diaries.

Normal service will resume, one day.


Anonymous said...

every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man...

so. what DID you have for lunch?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Are you recycling the same best man speech or making a new one each time?

Ditto with the lunch question. I had a late breakfast and then a wrap from Pret.

Dandelion said...

Maybe I've misunderstood how this thing works, but I don't think that swine fever is going to distinguish between religious affiliations when passing itself about.

McTodd said...

French male intern? Is he totty?

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Make sure to tell the new intern about the plate of donuts and biscuits every day requirement. And the cash tribute.

Ellie said...

Oh! I love the new profile pic. You're so cute. I would coo to you.

British Gal does Tokyo said...

Your boss is in Japan? Send him over, I'll show him a good time.
I'm sure you've noticed, but don't do business with Japan. It's posting the worst losses since the second Mongol invasion of 1231. And the pound is currently worth less than a conker.

luna said...

Oh God, with your track record French-wise, I'm expecting the worst.

Hang on a mo, I'm getting settled with a couple of snacks and taking my shoes off...There!
Let's begin the new series!

fwengebola said...

df ~ Hey, you're the second person to have quoted Zed Zed Top at me.
Uh. I dunno. Tuna from a tin?
PDEWYMO ~ Funnily enough, I did start Jim's by copying and pasting Luke's.
Tuna. It was tuna. Somerfield catfood tuna.
Dand ~ Okay, it's not really about the flu's modus operandi if you will, more its origins.
McT ~ I really wouldn't know, but I dare say you'll meet him on Friday. And scare him off.
UB ~ So far, all he knows is continual handshaking.
Ellie ~ *gurgle*
BGdT ~ Oh look who's back! Yes, I understand the Japanese are rather buggered at the moment. And surely the ¥ is worth less than a conker?
No, it's the bloody pound. We're all screwed.
Luna ~ Oh look who's back! Yes, male. He is male.

luna said...

Tell him you've all got genital warts on your hands for obvious reasons...

Poor sod!He really doesn't deserve you!