Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not Healthy

I'll tell you what's not healthy; looking forward to seeing some old chums you haven't seen in years, and getting pretty blitzed. I can remember us all leaving at the end of the night, but the specifics are hazy. I hate to think I ran off saying, 'Well, seeya', because it'll probably take us a year or two to arrange it again, if we're lucky.

It also wasn't healthy to have melted my credit card with overuse, and buying rounds I knew I wouldn't get back.

It's also not healthy to have woken up on Saturday (afternoon) feeling like a pornstar's back passage, and deciding to do nothing that day other than go directly to the supermarket and returning home immediately laden with yellow shit, viz; crisps, pizza, and caramel squares.

It was equally unhealthy to decide to not bother going in to work to collect my bike this weekend, on the grounds that it was raining briefly. Ok, it rained constantly throughout Saturday, but I could've done it today. Moving would've been a nice idea.

And it doesn't help that, thanks to one of the commentators on PDEWYMO, I've discovered this bloody site with its hundreds of movies and tv shows, many of which not airing in the UK yet, all just sitting there waiting for people with hopes and dreams and aspirations to fuck them up by watching crap for free instead.

And it was all-encompassingly unhealthy to have virtually locked myself in my room all weekend, because I have made it my life's mission to chainsmoke whilst filling my Brand New iPod with album artwork for all 1,086 songs on there. It has so far taken me about 18 hours and I'm still not half way.

I took my dead iPod in to the Apple store on Regent's Street on Friday. Repair cost: £106, new cost: £109. This is what I believe our American cousins call a No-Brainer, like voting for a young, dynamic and intelligent statesman over a doddery, cantankerous, same-old-shit old fart and his moose-killing MILF sidekick.

Anyhoo, I did get through October with a 100% clean-sheet of cycling in every day, and swimming. Shame November will start with me having to get the tube, but on the plus side, I'll be doing it to a soundtrack with lots of nice pictures on it. Yay life.

Vote Obama.


Dandelion said...

I took my dead iPod in to the Apple store on Regent's Street on Friday.

What a good idea! I wish I'd thought of that.

If I had thought of it though, the whole point of taking your ipod there would be to get them to fix or replace it for free, since it was clearly malfunctioning. Otherwise you could have gone to John Lewis. Or Radio Rentals. Or Specsavers.

The Unbearable Banishment said...

That you had to buy a new iPod is by design. Apple doesn’t want you to fix your iPod. They want you to buy a new one. You can’t even swap out the battery.

I hope you don’t mind my saying so, but I think you are way too hard on yourself. Stop beating yourself up so much. Life will kick your ass enough. You don’t need to pitch in.

Anonymous said...

my son's friends refer to that woman as V-PILF. Fortunately? They are joking. They wouldn't do her. Well, without a ball gag.

Consider the first two days of November as "All Saints Toss Off" days or something. I've been eating halloween candy bought for non-existent trick or treaters for 2 days... and am bloated like 4-day roadkill...

Dandelion said...

Hey, daisyfaie, me too! Four bags of mini mars bars and only one lot of trick or treaters. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

chopperbomb said...

Mate, you know there's an option on itunes to 'get album artwork' don't you? It does all the searching for you and takes a few minutes.
Beers soon?

Z said...

I'd have put a new iPod on my Christmas present list and taken a book for the tube for the next few weeks when not cycling. What it is to have money, hey.

Z said...

Oh, and congratulations on a successful October.

fwengebola said...

Dand ~ Hey! Newsflash: I was gonna go anyway. I bet you didn't know that the staff actually clap - or have to clap - at the dozen or so people who walk in when the doors are opened. How terribly Californian.
And I got a 10% discount on the old one, so it wasn't too bad.
UB ~ No-one builds anything to last anymore, disgracefully.
And you are very kind, by the way, but I expect more from myself, ergo: I deserve the constant self-loathing.
Wait, that's just stupid.
Df ~ V-Pilf no more. And 'All Saints Toss Off' is a rather more disturbing scenario in Britain. Masturbating Saints, to be specific.
Dand ~ Don't bother. Just buy shit and eat it. It's what I do now. Again.
CB ~ Yes, I know. Doesn't work for me, as all my stuff was bought (i.e. down-nicked) elsewhere. Yes, beers when?
Z ~ It's called an early Xmas present. I'll just ask for the money - which was bought on credit, btw. And thank you for your kind words on October. Here comes the woeful winter binge.

chopperbomb said...

It still goes and finds artwork if it wasn't bought on itunes. Well, mine does anyway...