Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Holy Shit!

Ever been extremely happy from beyond the fug of bugger all sleep and slight rattiness? I got to sleep around 2am having forced myself from the addictive BBC election coverage with Christopher Hitchens among others, certain that I should probably go to bed.

The Fox News website, I noted before crashing for the night, was being vague and seemed rather reluctant to paint a true picture of the results coming in, and I've just checked to read their slightly muted headline AMERICAN HISTORY, which made me think of the race related film, American History X.

I can't think of a better tonic to eight years of ineptitude, war, debt, election theft and outrageous nepotism, where any American can become president as long as they're the fucknut son of an ex-president oil billionaire. And I can't think of a more astonishing way of making amends for America's dodgy past of slavery and segregation than voting in a black guy with the middle name Hussein. It is remarkable on every level, and just goes to prove what a total moron the current incumbent is.

Thankfully, American voters saw through the cynicism of nominating a female running mate to snatch the reins of history from a more worthy and statesmanlike candidate; an unqualified MILF who has the worldview and political nous of a small-minded moose-murdering salad.

I could go on. I want to go on. But I am completely dazed and have to cycle through rush-hour traffic in the cold.

Thank god for Barry.


Dom said...

Has there been some kind of election in the US? You'd think something would have been in the news or something.

Z said...

Yes. I agree. Apart from the MILF bit, I never fancied her.

Anonymous said...

technically, the wingnuts called her "V-PILF". i wouldn't touch her without a ball gag and salad tongs... but i'm in shock. they didn't steal the election - the kids took it back. amazing...

The Unbearable Banishment said...

You're welcome! The pleasure was all ours, really.

Girl Friday said...

I'm with Unbearable here. Never a day was a prouder.

C said...

Thank fuck for that result!

Must say though that McCain lost very graciously (if you've seen the loser speech) and was a cut above his 'running mate' (ok hard not to be), but he came out looking like quite a decent chap in the end, if politically misguided.

I just hope he (BO - unfortunate initials) doesn't end up like the Kennedy brothers, as he's now a prime target for a whole bunch of fucknuts. Also he better not mess it up, and let's face it, the expectations are huge, or we'll have president Palin in 2012 or 2016, which doesn't bear thinking of.

And on the whole slave thing, wouldn't it have been great if he was actually descended from those very slaves rather than being born of a white middle-class baby-boomer hippy chic teenager and an African (rather than African-American)?

A bit cynical maybe but that would have been something else altogether, as Obama is still somewhat 'acceptable' as a half-caste, but small steps and all that, I guess.

Sorry, bad mindset maybe, I seriously hopes he lives up to expectations (and think he is likely to), but we'll have to wait and see.

heybartender said...

Wow. No shit. I am still reeling and can't quite believe it is real. But it is, and despite how "c" may see it, the man struggled against incredible odds. I guess being a young single mother with a black baby in the sixties in the Midwest wasn't all that hard *cough*.
Anyway, we're glad to have done our part. It will be nice not to have to apologize to the rest of the world for some wingnut anymore.

Trixie said...

Finally... the americans have seen sense.

Pearl said...

You think YOU'RE freaked? OMG OMG OMG there was freakin' dancing in the streets here! We laughed, we cried, we wet our pants with happiness.

We are hoping that Sara goes back to Alaska -- where she can keep her eye on Russia, in case Putin "rears his head" -- forgets where we are.


Day Dreamer said...

I was crying. Seriously.

I am so happy he won.

I voted for him, but it didn't count because my states 'whatsits' went for the other guy. I live in true redneck territory.

It was an incredible evening!

fwengebola said...

Dom ~ I've literally had to hunt this shit down.
The information, that is.
And it wasn't literal.
Z ~ Yeah. Hmmmmm. I kinda, sorta would. Sorry.
df ~ That reads very, very familiar. And Go the kids. And some decent oldies. And blackfolks.
UB ~ Trust us, Europe's pretty happy too.
GF ~ It's been a beautiful few days for everyone. I just hope the honeymoon period lasts forever.
Fox'll tear him a new arsehole though. Not that that's surprising.
C ~ McCain's parting speech was brilliant. It was a shame he wasn't allowed to be that dignified throughout his whole campaign, although he may have won - and thus we'd see VP Palin.
It did occur to me - or someone pointed it out - that Obama hasn't actually got the slavery bullshit on his shoulders, although that still doesn't discount the fact that he very really is African American, and future President. Still seems astounding and beautiful. I remember seeing Morgan Freeman play the first black President in Deep Impact and thinking, 'Pfft, as if that'll be allowed to happen.' And it hasn't. Morgan Freeman didn't run.
HB ~ No apologies necessary. Welcome back to being respected again.
Trix ~ And how. It's all quite remarkable.
Pearl ~ I'm really quite envious that I wasn't there to celebrate too. The news coincided with Bonfire night in the UK, so the evening ended with very appropriate fireworks everywhere.
DD ~ Oh, you're in that Southeast corner? (If I can call it a corner.) Nevermind. Your redneck neighbours get to endure a President they don't want after the 8 years of what we've all had.
Revenge is actually quite tasty.

TA said...

Yeah, well, those of who voted against the last eight years over here in America couldn't be any happier. Believe me, we're celebrating as much, if not more, than anyone else, since we've had a front row seat to the band of Neros who've been running us into the ground. I can't wait for Palin to come back in 2012 and turn the Republicans into a permanent minority party for the next three decades.

Mr H said...

Wow, the world has changed forever as a political sciences graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School (where he was president of the Harvard Law Review), lawyer and professional politician becomes President.

Who would ever have thought it.

fwengebola said...

TA ~ I'd've thought that Sarah Palin will come back. Which as you say is good news.
MrH ~ Oh, I see. Even so, to paraphrase Chris Rock, Flavor Flav would hardly get elected.