Monday, November 03, 2008


Oh the irony of ending my last post on a music-orientated high. It is now Monday, nearly 1am. I have spent the remainder of my weekend sticking more album artwork on my lovely new iPod.

I thought I'd charge it up before going to bed, and now that fucker's blown up too ~ Nothing's happening. It's dead and I killed it.

I think my old power supply must be doing all the damage. Now I have to get the tube to work listening to bloody reality - but not before facing a restless night wishing I hadn't messed about with it in the first place - then go back to that heaving bastard Apple store.

Fuck their booking-in policy. I'm just going to slam my receipt down on the table and demand a replacement. And a new power supply, for that matter.

FUCK life.


Dandelion said...

I think you're making a fundamental error of judgement. It is not that you killed it, it is that Apple like to make money by selling things that go wrong and aren't fit for purpose because they are shoddy. And that is very naughty of them, not to mention greedy. Look at the grief and hassle they have caused you, not to mention the 18 hours.

If you like, I'll take it to the Apple store for you and sort it out. You have consumer rights, you know. You should exercise them. Don't blame yourself, blame Apple.

Did you have a harsh toilet-training experience as a child, by any chance?

chopperbomb said...

Don't you just charge it by plugging it into your PC's USB port?
Beers soon?

Z said...

I'd take Dand up on her offer if you think you might go apologetic on them. I don't understand either though - mine just charges itself after uploading the music on the computer.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

God I thought you were going to say you'd spent hours putting the album artwork on your iPod yesterday only for it to show a black screen the next day in place of all those painstakingly researched album covers.




Clarissa said...

Hope reality was too realistic.

fwengebola said...

Dand ~ Erm, no? How does toilet trai- never mind.
Nothing matters anyway, as the whole experience is over. For now, at any rate.
CB ~ Yes, it would appear that you can now charge iPods though the PC. Yes, beers when?
Z ~ Yes, yes, it does appear that you can charge it on the PC. My old ones never used to.
PDEWYMO ~ God, that would really do me in. I expect it to happen soon, probably when I'm done loading all the artwork over the weekend.
Clar ~ Yes, it was shit.