Saturday, September 20, 2008


To say I was in pain last night would be an understatement. For the second night running, Martin and I decided not to go nuts in Prague's bars and clubs, mainly because we weren't getting much sleep, and because we were shattered from walking around all day.

Prague, I must admit, is beautiful. Above the street-level shops and houses are impressive European facades and around every corner, more avenues and history and statues than you can shake one of those sticks at. Sadly, it seems, the citizens of Prague know what a hidden gem their city is - or rather was - and as such their tourism drive must have gone full pelt. Virtually every member from all corners of the globe seem to be visiting, even including those rare animals the American, with passports. As such, Prague has an inflated entrance fee for everything, so we employed the cheap student trick of walking around aimlessly until our knees splintered.

By the time we got back to our hostel/ place for Brits to yell in at 4am, we'd be unable to function and felt the desperate urge for an early night. Regrettably still, my neck spasms have got worse. I think I have a trapped nerve or something. I spent all of last night unable to move into any of the three standard sleeping positions (on the back, on the left side, or on the right side), and I had to fight not to scream out loud. Several times in the night, I did, yelling out in pain against my best efforts to Take It Like A Man. This wasn't so bad for Martin as I'd lent him my earplugs earlier. Apparently, I'd snored so violently on Thursday - despite even the strange nasal strips I've taken to wearing for his benefit - that he only got a couple of hours sleep. I am told I also make submarine depth charge pinging noises when unconsious, which is news to me.

At one point in last night's torture, it even took me half an hour to coax my neck and the rest of my body out of bed so I could go to the toilet. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better, but then I've been sat on a train with my fat head balanced out evenly on my sore neck, and not lying on a pillow and relying on said neck for movement.

So now we're in Vienna, and very pleasant it seems thus far. I have the barest smattering of German so I feel a little less like a drunk monolingual wanker from Leeds exploiting a country for its cheap booze. Vienna thus far seems rather regal and fun too. We've decided to buy our first travel pass, so will put it to good use on their trams and metro. It's Saturday night and frankly, I'll be amazed if there are any large groups of male Brits around drinking heavily. The German language tends to scare them off.

Auf weidersehen.


i am not your freud said...

nah brits are everywhere and they tend to try to speak german too :) sorry i just saw your email and i sent you a reply. let me know if you are available tomorrow. hope you are having fun hitting the night life!

C said...

poor martin :P

fwengebola said...

IANYF ~ We've covered this since. Suffice to say we missed each other.
UB ~ Nah, fuck him.