Saturday, January 12, 2008



Bad rain.

Steady rain.

Constant, unrelenting, first rush hour of 2008 rain.

With steel resolve, I was able to leave my flat early, for it was a Friday, dress in loose clothing adequate enough to sweat in, and pedal off to work in the darkness. I had travelled approximately half a mile in about three minutes, and in that time, I had become saturated.

My shit cotton tracksuit bottoms were drenched and clinging to my thighs like a nervous child. Rainwater dripped off my cycle helmet and blinded my eyes. I gasped for breath as I stopped at the lights, applying pressure on the pedal when they turned green, and grimaced as I felt the squish of my socks as they'd sucked up all the preticipation running down my body and into my shoes.

And when I got to work, exhausted, brutalised ~ utterly, ruthlessly soaked from head to toe, my father called. He was and had been outside my flat for almost an hour, waiting to pick me up and take me to work on a whim because he had been working nearby.

And I'd cycled past him half an hour earlier, neither of us noticing the other.

Ergo: I am now drunk and chainsmoking.



Clarissa said...

That was worth a chuckle. Am I a bitch?

Anonymous said...

Biking in the rain- you poor thing. Someone call a wahmbulance.

Angel said...

Love the profile pic.. very sexy...

Z said...

I'm trying to think of a reason for your father patiently waiting all that time and not either knocking on your door or phoning you. After all, if you'd had a wild night of love, you might not have been home at all.

luna said...

Z, he's his son's father.

Peach said...

is ok. give yourself a break. I smoked a bit and drank a bit this weekend as well as reading and doing all good needed house stuff and i feel no guilt or worry. So don't you. Anyhow - when we out for beers again, Thurs night?

Sabine said...

I'm still impressed.

fwengebola said...

Clar ~ Yes. But your chuckle has made my misery all the more worthwhile.
Anon ~ I take it you rain-cycle on a daily basis then?
Angel ~ Welcome. And thank you. I haven't changed.
Z ~ He's unlikely to have assumed that. He cringes when I allude to having sex. Can't say I blame him.
And he didn't call me beause he thought I might be asleep. I told him my mobile is only ever on during waking hours, but he never remembers these things.
Luna ~ I'm my father's son too.
Peach ~ I'll see your drinking and smoking at the weekend and raise you a drinking and smoking on a Tuesday. Whilst typing this.
Would love to go for drinks but can I respectfully ask for a later date when I'm fitter and more chipper? Probably in 2015 at this rate.
Sabine ~ Thank you. I didn't cycle into work today for the first time this year. Mind you, it was raining during both commutes, so that makes me feel a little better.