Friday, January 04, 2008

Now or Never

Cycled: Every day since starting work this week.
Smoked: Nothing since Jan 1st, when I disposed of my remaining fags by burning them (and inhaling the fumes.)
Eaten: Fruit, Veg, meat, and almost zero crap.
Swam: 12 lengths so far. Baby steps.... baby steps.
Snorted: Love.
Drank: Water, some tea, a coffee.

I am now back at home having done a day's work and cycled with steely determination in the wind and rain. I am about to shower and go back into Central London to meet up with my mate Rob, back in Britain for a brief catch-up after emigrating to Sweden last year.

Will I booze?
I hope not.
Will I smoke?
Not if I can help it.
Will being in the midst of half a dozen pissheads help?
No chance.

In the three days of 2008 spent back at work with no boss to help carry the load, I've decided I simply have to get a better job very very quickly.

So I've spent all day day-dreaming about a holiday.

In a couple of months, I may or may not pay a quick visit to Philadelphia to hang out with Large Northern Flatmate's old chum, Greencard Danny. I may then "nip over" to Boston to see Haggis (Oh, hello Haggis - may I see you in Boston?), and perchance have a cheeky beer and make him ponder the meaning of hell. I could of course then 'duck down' to New York, catch up with my mate Yank Jeff, and - oh - possibly look up my lovely ex-American Ladyfriend, as I think we'd both like to say hello.

This time I won't be crashing at hers, though. In fact, I'm rather looking forward to seeing her briefly, then moving on like a square-jawed hero.

Failing that, I could contact ex-Fuckbuddy Michelle who also lives in NY, to see if she's single and very, very desperate.

Jesus Christ. I may as well throw £800 out of the window now, look at naked women on the internet through binoculars, and heatbutt my bedside table for a week.


Z said...

You actually meant those resolutions then? Fuck... I mean, well done, and after all Friday night hardly counts at all.

Peach said...

well done so far - the first few days are the hardest, then you look back and think, well, I've managed more than a few days so....

hope you didn't get too hemmed in with boozy others

Hannah said...

Huh. You're doing pretty well with the ol' resolutions. I'm impressed.

fwengebola said...

Z ~ Oh, those resolutions are cast-iron and must be done, just like every year.
Peach ~ Dunno about the first few days, but there is an early novelty factor that wears off - and it's fast approaching.
Didn't succomb, but was largely hated at the pub for being miserable, not drinking, arriving last and leaving first.
Hannah ~ Thank you. But this is merely tweaking a small nipplette of ice off an iceberg, to go into a G&T (which I'm not currently drinking).

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Snorted love? Did it hurt?

fwengebola said...

Yes. It's overrated.

luna said...

So how do you feel that far into your rejuvenation programme ?
I note your thinking's turned a tad more positive.

P.S.Give the Haggis a miss.He's got a bad attitude.

fwengebola said...

I wouldn't read my latest post. I'm making Van Gogh look cheerful.