Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm Back, It's Back, Everything Is Good.

I am typing at my desk, in my room. My computer is whirring beneath me, seemingly indifferent to having been anywhere. I took it to a shop this morning where they immediately replaced the power supply for £70. All this means my new CD/DVD burner addition cost me £100 in total, but everything's back to normal and seems strangely unaffected, like an abused child who's blanked the bad stuff out.

Actually, that's a really horrible analogy.

I'm amazed I've still got data on there at all. I woke up yesterday morning convinced that computers operated like household mains and I'd merely blown a fuse. I'd found a switch at the rear (unwittingly increasing the voltage to Texan jail levels), flicked it, and re-inserted the mains. Then it really blew, like a small, compartmentalised Hiroshima in my bedroom, complete with a proper bang and lots of smoke.

So, all this raising the dead means I will get back to my book - and general whinging and porn surfing - just as soon as I undertake YET ANOTHER stag do this weekend. It is my mate Chopper's shindig, and promises to be fun. Four days of carnage and fun. Plus I am a third of a Best Man so I get to buy large, arrestable amounts of drugs and drive a minibus down to Exeter full of drunk reprobates. Fantastic.

By approximately 3pm this Friday, I intend to sit back in our rented cottage and hedonise myself back to the Roman Circuses of yore.

And still not pull, probably.

Duh. What am I thinking? Make that definitely.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes. The power of positive thinking. "I know I'm not going to pull." That guarantees it.

Angela-la-la said...

£70?! Did you bend over while you paid? I bought a psu for about £20 and fitted it in under 15 minutes! Why the fuck am I not drowning in money? Oh, I remember now - it's cos I do stuff like that for mates rates, i.e. fuck bloody all.

And yeah, your analogies suck. If things were to continue in that vein your computer would soon start to display irregular nervous tics that would be followed by unexplained shutdowns and episodes of drunken behaviour/memory denial till eventually culminating in a very sudden, complete breakdown that will result in white hot flames leaping out of the usb drive directly onto your most treasured parts. Just as you were partaking in naked blogging day.


Happy stag do, chopper.

Tim Clague said...

You absolute technical nonce. Did Ray Peto teach you nothing!!!

bittersweet me said...

perhaps your luck has changed?

Z said...

Didn't occur to you to film the computer blowing up, for our amusement, did it?

Huh. No consideration at all.

I'd still do a back-up, btw.

Julia Buckley said...

Good save.

I've just signed up for NaNoWriMo too - looks like you're doing incredibly well aready. Good for you.

Don't worry about it being shit, it's supposed to be. So y'know you're doing it right - if it was good, that would be bad.

Would you like to join the NaNoWriMo Brits Faceboook group I've just set up?

Go on, it's just little me at the moment!

fwengebola said...

LFM ~ Positive thinking is for Californians.
Ang ~ You did that? And what the hell's a PSU anyway? Apologies for the analogies.
Top Cat ~ No, of course not. All I remember is something about satellites. In the sense that he may or may not have said that word back in 1993.
BS ~ Only from average to bad.
Z ~ The crazy thing is, I've got everything back, but I still haven't got round to a back-up. Probably because I've been stagging and working otherwise.
JB ~ Oh hello, you. I've stalled massively, what with exploding computers and stags. But I may join, even if it outs me.