Thursday, August 02, 2007

Viral Hype

Here's an interesting new movie being very cunningly marketed through the internet. It has no name, other than its (American) release date, 01.18.08, or Project Cloverfield, for some reason.

Tantalising teaser trailer here. Includes a gratuitously stunning woman who wants Rob to have fun in Japan.

3-1 on says the finished flick will be a pile of pants. And the bad guy's probably British.



la fille mariƩe said...

Looks ick. And I didn't even notice the gratuitously stunning woman.

Tim Clague said...

Never mind that - promote my film instead:

having my cake said...

Oh, they were talking about this on Edith Bowman's show on Radio 1 the other week. The film critic was saying it was a very exciting project by the guy who did Lost and something else famous. Since I didnt watch Lost...

Angela-la-la said...

I've never heard of it. Obviously my adblocker is working overtime.

chopperbomb said...

Claguey, you are shameless!

fwengebola said...

LFM ~ You mean it looks ick-cellent.
Oh, she's there. Check again. Phwooar.
TC ~ That's just greedy.
HMC ~ Hello there. Yep, looks interesting. Can't help thinking it's just another monster movie albeit with clever marketing.
Ang ~ No-one's heard of it! It has no name.
Although someone did tell me it could be called 'Monstrous'. I sincerely hope not.
Cb ~ Agreed.
For once.