Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Coming Up

Ok, maudlin self-introspection over. Just for the record, I'm not a suicidal manic-depressive loner with a gun fetish and old scores to settle.

Because, you see, I don't like guns. Everything else is accurate.

But anyway, I'm actually quite normal a lot of the time, providing I've had plenty of sleep and I'm not at work.

Sometimes, committing keyboard strokes to monitor when feeling under the weather can imbue some (ok, all) of my posts with a violent surge of introspection when all that was there before typing was a minor itch in my head. Monday's post - it was a Monday, after all - being a case in point.

So that's that. It's a gorgeous rainy grey evening in August. I sense fun ahead.



actonb said...

You know, there were an awful lot of words in that there maudlin post. You were very committed, and so I don't think 'Monday' can be blamed... Blogging is in itself an introspective activity.

But, yay for you for finding some sunshine and buttercups!

Geez you are a moody bugger, but I do like that in an imaginary friend.

luna said...

Oh so that was only the monday hangover blubbing then?
I'm disappointed.

Z said...

Although it's not unknown for me to worry about you all week, you do write so eloquently when you are pissed off that it's absolutely worth it. For me, that is, for yourself, I expect you'd prefer some good cheer to write about.

Plenty of sleep and .. not at work - a blue moon due any time soon?

Anonymous said...

Uh huh.

Peach said...

we should have a rule:

No Blogging On Mondays

they SUCK

(had to change photo as got too much "ooh you've got your boyfriend on your profile" comments, but glad you liked it, ta)


Eliza said...

i like the word maudlin.

fwengebola said...

A ~ Yes, ok, I used a lot of words. I was blogging, as you've quite rightly pointed out.
I am a cheerful God of Misery, it's true.
L ~ *Cough*, yes. All the fault of a Monday.
Z ~ Odd one that. There's something cathartic and fun about unloading all the angst down. It just doesn't cut it when someone's chipper. It's never that interesting. I guess tragedy is comedy.
LFM ~ Monday. That was all.

Pee ~ This Monday won't suck - Bank holiday. Hooray.
Nice of your geezer to allow for his outing.
Wait, he does know, doesn't he?
Eliza ~ Maudlin's brilliant.
Although really, you have to be drunk to be literally maudlin.

Which is nice.