Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Non-Blogging Guilt

Nearly a week too. And with a whole lotta nothing to report. Just several days of being...

Rudely awakened by radio, having not slept enough.
Danger Cycle.
A quick Swimwash.
Work. Stress. Answer phones. Wonder where I went wrong.
Cycle home.
Stay up too late because I want to, dammit.
Bed past midnight.
French fucking neighbour wakes me up with his music.
Do nothing.
Phone council in the morning.

Repeat daily.

I would ideally like to add to the mix...
Eating healthier and stop eating Simpsons promotional Kit Kats.
Visiting a gym at least 4 times a week.
Stopping smoking altogether.
And finally, getting some kind of fucking clue as to what to do with myself.
Women, for now, can wait. Because of course they're all forming an orderly queue and getting impatient.

So as a change of pace, I went to see the filming of Mock the Week tonight. Being intrinsically shy, I was apprehensive enough just being in the audience, so I guess that's one possible career move - Stand-Up Comedian - out the fucking window.

I knew this half-hour programme may actually take three hours to film, so I wasn't let down as it dragged on. And on. And on, to the point where I started to feel less stupid about clapping like an automaton, and actually began enjoying myself to a very small degree.
Haven't got much to say about the programme though. I don't watch it as it is. It's not Have I Got News For You, after all.

Walking home from the BBC backwards (I was keeping an eye out for a bus), I noticed that Shepherd's Bush is particularly unpleasant when you're stone cold sober. It's not that nice when you're drunk either, if I'm being honest.

And in that walk home (I walked so far I decided to renounce the bus) I was accosted by two aggressive bums for money, watched a hideously paralytic man collapse on the pavement (his confused friend standing over his prone body gave me a suitable reason to keep walking), and grimaced as a women strapped into gurney was loaded into an ambulance as the Police took statements.

There. This is what happens when I'm feeling forced to update my blog. Happy?

And as an addendum, something very surreal may happen this week. I can't say what it is just yet, but it's odd. And may involve me 'outing' myself.


actonb said...

Tantalising addendum there... I'm all intrigued.

Z said...

Your neighbour is still playing his music loud at night? Were you not terrifying enough last time?

Eliza said...

shepherds bush is bush

Anonymous said...

Outing yourself? I always knew you were a poo stabber...

Anonymous said...

You're really a brunette?

Angela-la-la said...

Ooh, that last bit aroused my interest...

Anonymous said...

Woah! What? Outing yourself, Ducky? I can't believe that will happen. How surreal are we talking? Good surreal?

me said...

i thought you took away his speakers?

Shepherd's Bush hasn't changed much over the last 15 years then ...

londongirl said...

Indeed I thought there was a speaker incident.

Ifyou're serious re the noise I believe you have to get a decibell meter and record the volumes at lots of times of day for a month so as to get evidence for the council

Best of luck.

elif said...

that neighbour of yours has some nerve alright. i'd say this means war!

fwengebola said...

Act ~ I am now writing this post-interview, of course.
Z ~ He's mad. Mad, mad, mad. Apparently the Polish neighbours in his block physically beat him up and it still isn't sinking in. Earplug time, methinks.
Eliza ~ I have no idea what that means.
Anon ~ Very erudite.
Anon Too ~ Pfft. I wish.
Ang ~ Consider me outed.
LFM ~ Odd surreal.
Me ~ I took away some speakers. And broke them. The others I left. I shouldn't have done.
LG ~ Thing is, it's not as loud as it used to be anymore. It's just the bass, burrowing through the wall and humming enough to wake me up.
Elif ~ Not a war, a diplomatic incident.