Monday, July 30, 2007


Well, sort of. This Wednesday August 1st, I will have been at my current company for exactly two years. This is quite an achievement, especially considering my intention to spend a year there whilst I got financially back on track and looked for a job I actually wanted to do.

I just never got round to looking, and I'm just as skint as ever.

I followed Sue's excellent suggestion in the previous comments and emailed The Friday Project, a company who specialise in publishing web 'talent'. (I've emphasised 'talent' for my own self-deprecating purposes.)

In doing so, I had to scan through this blog, which is fast approaching its first birthday in September. I've had some ups and downs, mainly downs, and provided all two regular readers with the trials and tribulations of a git.

I've been reminded of some interesting moments; Re-discovering The Girl's website and deciding to dedicate my life (about a month, as it turned out) to going out more and having sex with anyone. Except all I got was a sore wallet.

And realising I'm better suited to being a Monk, because I scare women.

But on the plus side, I had a great weekend with The Boys™, in Brighton, and ruined my gay mate's houseparty.

I've had a couple of holidays during this year and, of course, humiliated the living shit out of myself.

Oh, and I killed a Frenchman's speakers.

And of course, I've moaned and complained incessantly about my life, the same old issues which always involve a) smoking, b) weight, c) job, and d) a distinct lack of sex and/or a better half.
So get used to it if you haven't already. It's a common theme.

But ultimately, considering I've always seen my life to be pretty dull and uneventful, it's quite nice to look back at nigh on a year's blogging and realise that perhaps things aren't so bad after all.

Normal whinging will resume soon.


Anonymous said...

You? Whinging? Ahhhh. I thought I detected an overall theme. That's what it is!

Hey, the word verification is "sixic". Are you?

elif said...

this post is like one of those tv series episodes where they use a lot of flashbacks to pass the time. "remember the time when..?" but i get why you did it so yeah good luck :)

Sabine said...

But you know it is the diversity of whinging about themes traversed that is so alluring.

Inner turmoil- now that is what makes the cogs turn! If you get unfunny, however, some kind friend will have to sit on your head.

Anonymous said...

..or, if you're lucky, sit on your face!

bittersweet me said...

it was fun catching up. I have always enjoyed other peoples' whinges. Spread the misery!

fwengebola said...

LFM ~ I might be if I knew what a sixic was.
Elif ~ I thought that when I wrote the post, that it was one of those disappointing non-episodes of lazy compilations.
Sabine ~ I'm not averse to having my head sat on. Providing they're female. And they're naked. And not strickly sitting and forcing their full weight on me.
I'm trying to be sexy here.
Nope, not possible.
Anon ~ Yes, that.
BM ~ Hello. Exactly. Misery loves company.