Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Eventual Update

The coppers, the first I'd seen wandering purposefully around my manor since I'd moved in, were actually there to arrest someone else.

Thus, the outcome of my speaker destruction was a success, of sorts. No police seem to have been contacted, and despite my neighbour's landlord being made aware of his door being broken down, even that doesn't seem to be going any further. Whether or not my neighbour decides to blast out music at ridiculous hours remains to be seen. Becuase he is that stupid.

So that's that. Don't fuck with me; I'm a Geezer.

In further news, my mate Suki who I didn't realise reads this journal of shit, was kind enough to copy and paste Tuesday's post below into an email and circulate it to a wider circle of friends. Cue lots of emails (well, two), calling me an egotistical twat.

Here's a picture of my good friend Suki below.

My good friend Suki

Sadly, this picture doesn't show him receiving a cucumber suppository whilst he observes with interest, also out of shot, the young pert nakedness of a trio of Soho rentboys dancing solely for his sick pleasure in a cheap King's Cross bedsit.

Regarding my speaker escapade, for all those who have commented and emailed your concerns, thank you.


la fille mariƩe said...

Well, Suki looks nice. What? That's not really him? Bugger.

Seriously, you have been lucky, ducky (!). No more beating people for sound-related offenses. We couldn't take it if your blogging privileges were provoked (while you're in the slammer).

Z said...

You have indeed confirmed your hard man credentials, Fweng. There is no risk at all of you being fucked with. Gazed on with awe, yes.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Dammit, I wasted all that money on the 'save fwengy' t shirts. Ah well, I'll just put them in storage, just in case, since your such a 'geezer' now! ;P

Peach said...

jammy bastard, you saw by my email I'm a total coward and would have given myself up!

nice "friend"


elif said...

if i were you and if i had photoshop skills, would edit that picture on photoshop, place it nicely on some background (insert "imagination" here) and email it to the same mailgroup he used emailing your post :)

fwengebola said...

LFM ~ Au contraire, that is him. I should've used a picture from my personal album but settled instead for the most flattering picture of him, chosen by him, on the internet ether. I promise not to beat anyone up, although I don't extend that privilege to Suki.
Z ~ Oh, that's mean. I'm not really a hard man, not even when it matters most.
Vi ~ Send me a t-shirt! Go on!
P ~ Trust me, that was a nice gesture on his part. You're right, your email would have you doing porridge by now.
elif ~ Funnily enough, I used to do that to a particular friend of mine who had a penchant for sticking his tongue out in photos. I once glued said head photo onto the body of a young lady about to engage in fellatio. The finished picture was really disturbing.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Email me your address mate!

chopperbomb said...

Hey, I remember that man/woman/tongue/blow job photo!

Z said...

The admiring tone wasn't sarcastic, Fweng. I wasn't being mean, but I was, rather anxiously, impressed.

luna said...

How did Sukka find out about your blog?
Don't tell me it's through the Boston

Angela-la-la said...

Things Vi'll do to get your address, eh? ;-)

fwengebola said...

Vi ~ Certainly. It is!
Chop ~ It was crude, but it looked disturbingly real, almost as if it was you about to perform oral sex on that man.
Z ~ Thank you. But I am a coward. Thank god the neighbour didn't try to hit me. That would've been odd.
Lune ~ I think I may have told him. Or others did. I certainly refused to give details, but it's too late now.
Vi ~ I could always give my physical address. It's 14, Pende... hang on a minute.

Tim Clague said...

Don't pick on the Asian

fwengebola said...

No, pick on that Asian.