Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tagged 2!

La Fille Mariée's tagged me (again), and frankly I'm grateful for the inspiration.

A - Available or Single? Is there a difference? Both.
B - Best Friends? I am nearly 33. I have friends. They are all Best.
C - Cake or Pie? Is there a difference? Both. Actually, cake. Chocolate. Triple. With shavings on top.
D - Drink of Choice? Summer: A nice refreshing G&T. Winter: A nice dark ale. I am an uninspirational bloke.
E - Essential Item? Erm, iPod. Sorry.
F - Favourite Colour? I am 33.
G - Gummi Bears or Worms? Pardon?
H - Hometown? One long street of restaurants and cafes, West London.
I - Indulgence? Triple chocolate cake. With shavings on top.
J - January or February? Neither.
K - Kids and Names? Two handsome sturdy boys with names from my family's history, Abraham and Hyman. That'll start 'em off well in life. And two pretty girls; Assumptia and Fanny.
L - Life is incomplete without? Complaining.
M - Marriage Date? A partner first would help.
N - Number of Siblings? One completely (in)different sister.
O - Oranges or Apples? Fruit is the antichrist.
P - Phobias/Fears? Jamiroquai.
Q - Favourite Quote? "What I'm looking for is someone who can contribute to what England has given to the world: culture, sophistication, genius. A little bit more than an 'ot dog, know what I mean?"
R - Reasons to smile? I don't get this question.
S - Season? Summer. Warm. Happy. Bikinis.
T - Tag 3 People? Alright, Vi, Fussy, Joie.
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I actually like people.
V - Vegetable You Hate? David Cameron.
W - Worst Habit? Procrastin... a... back in a minute.
X - X-rays You've Had? Oh come on, this is a poor 'X' question.
Y - Your Favourite Foods? Food.
Z - Zodiac? Bull.


la fille mariée said...

Good boy, Fweng. (pat on head)

I especially enjoyed your R answer. And U.

Anonymous said...

Just a random note because it really annoys me to see the words "1 winges". Surely it's "1 winge", these blogspot so called programmers really can't be arsed, can they?

Ordinary Girl said...

Actually anon. It's whinge! These anonymous commenters just can't be arsed, can they?

fwengebola said...

LFM ~ And not I?
Anon ~ That has long irritated me. But then it's difficult to program something as random as a word or phrase that could be anything by blogger geeks.
OG ~ Oh yeah, well spotted.

luna said...

You are not ready to be a father.
Poor tykes.

Fussy Bitch said...

I read T as 'Top 3 people?' and had a little smile till I realised...

You tagged me. Grr.

Joie de Vivre said...

Thank fuck you tagged me, I have nowt to say otherwise.

U is freaking me out by the way. I needed warning.

fwengebola said...

Lune ~ I'd love to be a Dad. Just think of all that wisdom I could pass ... oh, ok.
FB ~ Yeah, sorry. Just a tag.
JDV ~ Why? What have I done now?

luna said...

I meant the bizarre names you intend to lumber them with.
Have you no pity?Do you want them to stay single and die virgins?

VI said...

Just found this bleeding tag. That's what I get for being computerless for 5 days!!!

fwengebola said...

Lune ~ Yes.
Vi ~ And your answers are where?