Friday, February 16, 2007


Invented Homosexuality.

(And probably Philosophy, Democracy, Feta cheese, etc.)


Fussy Bitch said...

Fetid cheese, imo. Ick.

I went out with a lovely greek bloke in my youth. And named my first born after him a few years later, which to this day my husband of the time doesn't know.

fwengebola said...

You called your kid Stavros?

(© Harry Enfield 1986)

Fussy Bitch said...

You. Utter. Cunt.

I just pee'd myself a little bit.

Anonymous said...

And Zorba and his kalamatiano performed at your common wedding party...

fwengebola said...

Are you drunk?

And Anonymous... Are you drunk?

Anonymous said...

Also, whenever foreigners cannot find a word, they steal a greek one (i.e. politics, encyclopedia, biography, geography, history, mathematics, tchnology, portal, category)... And there is no end to the list...

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were greeks and we still quote from them

Greeks invented theatre

They gave birth to democracy

They discovered logic

They jumpstarted science

Greeks are proud of their culture, not their wars

When others were discovering meat, they already had cholesterol

When they were building the Parthenon, the others were still sleeping under trees or in caves

When others created wars, the greeks created Games to stop wars

They tossed their ancient alphabet to the Romans and their medieval alphabet to the Slavs

97% of the stars' names are Hellenic

Although they know danger well, they still dare

"Greeks do not fight like heroes, heroes fight like Greeks" (Winston Churchill, 1941)

I may come back with more...

fwengebola said...

You left out dinosaur.
There was so much to say about Greece that it overwhelmed me, so I kept it deliberately short and blunt.
You are romanticising a great deal, but as civilisations go - phew - they were a good 'un.
Do come back with more...

Anonymous said...

Really? Want more?
Wanna talk nowadays? OK! Let's do!
I love this game!

The fun stuff first:

Greeks buy whole watermelons and not in slices

They buy whole lambs and not in pieces

When they buy feta they buy at least a kilo and not 150 gr.

Nights in Greece last until morning

They take their coffee slowly and not in 'shots'

They go out almost every night even if they are penniless

They respect their Grandmothers more than their wives

They know how to spend better than they know how to save

Although they look like they are of Middle Eastern Descent they are not

They never visit others empty-handed

They do not share the cost of petrol with those they take in their cars

They love and hate with passion

They spend their bad and low times with their friends and family, not with therapists and counsellors

They have a distinction between Eros (falling in love) & Agapi (innocent love), while they feel both passionately

They don't use ketchup or mayonnaise with their food - it tastes damn good anyway!

They dance when they are sad and party when they are happy

They work to live and they do not live to work

When you shout "brother" in the streets (in Greece), everyone turns around

They speak loudly and laugh even louder!

Wanna get serious?... Let's see...

(Medicine) Do you know what the "Pap-test" is? Do your know where "Pap" comes from? You guessed right! A Greek doctor (and not an ancient one!) named Papanikolaou introduced it!

(Engineering) Do you know the Rio-Antirio Bridge? Nope? The largest cable bridge on Earth today! This bridge is widely considered to be an engineering masterpiece owing to several solutions applied to span the difficult site. These difficulties include deep water, insecure materials for foundations, seismic activity, the probability of tsunamis, and the expansion of the Gulf of Corinth due to plate tectonics... (Sorry to say this one is not ancient... Dinosaurs used to just walk on by)...

(Sports) The 2004 Olympics was internationally as the best ever organization...

I could come back with even more, but is there a meaning? Your opinion is respected and you can enjoy your life with it...

Let us dinosaurs enjoy ours they way we know: living!

fwengebola said...

You missed out that the earliest Christians, Hellenic Jews, were, well, Hellenic. Greeks, if you like. And they probably ate whole watermelons and lambs.

But what about Britain?

We don't buy halves because it is very gay, but whole pints.

Nights in Britian last until morning too, but nothing's open.

We take our 'shots' quickly. Normally tequila slammers.

We go out almost every night even if we are penniless, and piss it all up a wall.

We respect our Grandmothers more than our wives, because they're bigger drinkers.

Although we look like fat Vikings, we are not.

We never visit others sober.

We hate with passion, but quietly.

We spend our bad and low times in the pub.

We have a distinction between falling over (drunk) & passing out unconscious (drunker), and feel both passionately.

We don't use ketchup or mayonnaise with our kebabs, just with as much chilli sauce as possible, because it makes us look hard.

We dance when we are drunk and party when we are drinking.

We work to pay the exorbitant bills.

When you shout "Oi" in the streets, everyone's spoiling for a fight.

We slur loudly and laugh even louder.

Wanna get serious?...

You will never, ever see a Briton boast about Britain. It's very unseemly.

Anonymous said...

Greece is the cradle of western civilisation. After 25 centuries it's time to grow up.

fwengebola said...

Well yes. Maybe one day they will.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?
Too busy dreaming of a civil service job!

Anonymous said...

Comment in English:

Without being biased in any way - the response by the British fella mainly revolved around alcohol consumption and the effects of it, fighting and aggressive behavior, narcissism and an unexplainable self-love as well as the most annoying thing I've come across here in Britain: backstabbing motherfuckers.

(Brits - you seriously have to fix that)

On the other hand though, Britain has strong points. They invented football, rugby, golf - they manufacture some of the best products in the world (e.g. Fighter jets - Harrier, great cars - Rolls Royce etc etc etc) and have history, culture and religion, and the older Brits are wonderful people - not the young ones (which are mainly second generation African-Asian-Pakistani-Polish origin)

(by the way etc. comes from the Hellenic 'et cetera' - in Hellenic - 'kai etera' - which means - 'and more' - very common in the English language)

Now, I think that the pro-Hellenic (Greek for those that don't know Hellas) fella was not wrong either.

Greeks are proud people that have a national conscience, are openhearted and passionate people that have contributed greatly in the creation and formation of the West and have the second largest navy power in the world.

To conclude, I believe that Hellenic people have no beef with the Brits - they've got beef with Germans, Turks and Albanians.

Take it easy and God bless.


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