Saturday, December 02, 2006

Weird Google Searches

I like Sitemeter. They give me lots of lovely stats about my site, and I get to feel fleetingly proud.

Although some of these stats are odd. For example, the following list is what people out there in the ether have typed in only to find this here blog. It is a disturbing indicator of the crap I write~

Google Search: Why you shouldn't touch people
Google Search: Fucking girls
Google Search: Comfortable in your skin
Google Search: Bloody marvellous
Google Search: Steve Irwin floating death
Google Search: Who else thinks Eastenders is pathetic
Google Search: Brick Lane Esctacy
Google Search: I hate Krauts
Google Search: What aftershave does Daniel Craig wear
Google Search: Brighton dog blog Monkey Dave
Google Search: Western Sahara Porn
Google Search: Ginger-haired men are ugly

Don't worry Fucking Girls, as I don't know who you are and I'm sure you probably didn't stick around. But Brighton dog blog Monkey Dave's gotta be Ali.

UPDATE 14th Dec 2006 ~ Google Search: "I think couples should settle down and mate forever... you know, like pidgeons or catholics..."

You, sir, are a Legend.


Fussy Bitch said...

My personal favourite was the one that found me when they searched for traditional stocking fillers. I don't think they got much shopping done cos they read the whole archive in one hit.

So, having done the smalltalk, you may now tell me why I'm a flog rather than a blog in your link list (and what the difference is?)


Fussy Bitch said...

Oh yeah, and how did the grading go?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Fussy -- you and I think so much alike. I already asked that question about Flog versus Blog. Let's see if Fweng gives you the same explanation he gave me. :)

And you can fill my stockings anytime, honey.

Fweng -- I think all of those search terms make complete sense. In fact, if you string them together, it gets darned interesting. Why you shouldn't touch people, while fucking girls; that would indeed make you comfortable in your skin, and would be bloody marvelous.

Now I get kind of stuck at Steve Irwin...

fwengebola said...

FB - Fuck Log! Plus flog sounds vaguely rude too. And I didn't do the grading yesterday. I may as well have taken a Russian test as I don't know that either. I'll take the grading in a couple of weeks once I know what I have to do.

Fille - Apparently the stingray got stuck on... never mind. That's horrible.

Fussy Bitch said...

Oh dear, I fear I've been oversold what with only having sex once in the last six months or so!

Maybe I should be in the Saslog category? (Single and shagless) :-)

Flog is a lovely word tho.

fwengebola said...

Wha??? I've had sex more recently than you. Having said that, I don't have children to take up my time, and I've been trying to get laid, so I have no excuse.


Anonymous said...

Well, that seems a bit prejudiced. Just because I've had sex more than once in six months doesn't mean I can't have a Wanklog too.

Never mind -- I'll stick with the Flog... just saying the word gets me kind of excited. Flog. Mmmmmm.

luna said...

It's even more appropriate if you're into S&M and bondage
P.S. Is this comment going to attract the kinky crowd now?

fwengebola said...

Erm, no.