Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Some angry kiddie-winkies have given me a SERIOUS blog-whooping here.

Don't know why, don't really care, to be honest. Was going to leave a comment along the lines of 'Hey, play nicely!', but then I decided I couldn't be bothered.

Apparently, my template is a basic green ("What a motherfucker you are, limey dude.") It's green and thus some of them refuse to read any further. I've also used too many long words in my heading, thus rendering me a bit of a cunt.

Also, some guy thinks I'm a liberal Brit, and he hates liberal Brits!

I'm afraid that told me. I don't know what I was thinking daring to write something for the sheer pleasure of it all. Ugh, I feel so dirty. So green, and dirty. There's a lesson here, of course... Content is NOTHING. Image is EVERYTHING.

Consequently, this will be my last post. I am sorry, but they're all on the button. I have NO RIGHT - in fact, I've never had ANY RIGHT - to be airing my views on anything.

I apologise. I apologise profoundly.



The Nothing Man said...

IT2M is a coven of cunts. I've read the thing and it's rubbish. Also, for something that values design above all else, it looks absolutely fucking awful. The design is shiiiiiiite!

Content is king. Fuck 'em. Cunts!

Shoshana said...

Do you have to be begged to not quit? Cuz I happen to find your writing quite amusing. Some people just have no sense of humor (I don't waste my time reading those blogs).

Y-Love said...

Well damn!

fwengebola said...

NM - Careful sunshine, you're going to end up the wrong side of a Teenage Techie Bitchslap if you say you disagree.

Shosh - Thank you, sweet. And do let a little more British liberal bastard sarcasm into your life. I won't stop blogging until I'm happily married with a small yet handsome family, so there's a good fifty years left in this yet.

Y-Love - Well hello. I'm assuming you don't do sarcasm either. Just be nice if you're sticking around.

luna said...

I was going to pray of you not to go and do a Queenie sulk, but since apparently it's sarcasm I won't.

You're going to be famous one day,"they" have started noticing you...

Anonymous said...

Oh... so I don't need to beg you to stay either? I had something really good planned... lots of please's and I'll do anything's, and don't ever leave me's, and stuff like that (and maybe some sexier stuff, too... hadn't planned that far ahead yet).

I like green, I like your writing; I looked at IT2M and it hurt my brain. A lot. A coven of cunts indeed, Nothing Man.

CP said...

fweng - I am glad to hear that because, quite frankly, I enjoyed your blog. I don't always agree with my friends at it2m (although, it is true that this particular template sucks arse). I just did a post on google searches and how people found me. I do one every so often, because I still find them amusing. And, I am in bipolar manic mode, so your blog truly didn't upset me the way it disturbed my bitchy compadre. I love her. I do. But I like your blog and I probably will be back to read it again. It would be simply swell if you would make it not be so GREEN...but if not, so be it. I am STILL on a plain white blogger template and it hasn't hurt my readership at all.

My son in law, by the way, lives in Nottingham.

Just sayin'.


Oh, btw? Calling them a "coven of cunts" is like...foreplay to them. They might be back for me if you keep it up. Just a warning, you know, cause I'm good like that.

Ordinary Girl said...

Lol at a coven of cunts! Damn fine phraseology! And what do they know anyway? Fwengebaby rocks!

Breigh said...

For someone who doesn't care you sure have a lot to say about it... especially for someone who SIGNED UP FOR THE REVIEW.

Good grief.

Rhianna said...

You should keep writing forever. This green is perfect earth green and reminds me of my shit after I eat spinach. You have my complete support after you submitted your blog for a review, agreed to a TOS and then whined about it like a bloody cunt. I think you're my fucking hero. Cunt rag.

fwengebola said...

Luna - How quite fabulously flattering, thank you. And when I'm famous, I will embark on an orgy of appreciation which you will get.

LFM - You're in that orgy too. Cadre of Cunts notwithstanding.

CP - Very kind words, thank you. I apologise for the green now as I guess it is, well, shit, but it now has to STAY seeing as someone out there with a pretty icon dislikes it.
Large Northern Flatmate comes from Nottingham too. Ok, it's the Midlands and not the North but the fact remains, he's not from London and thus a dago who supports Nottingham Forest, a soccer team who haven't won anything since 1732.

OG - Too damn kind. I am embarrassed and sleepy and rocking gently.

Breigh - Ah, criticism, my oxygen.
1) You're right. I should take this on the chin and have nothing to say about this, especially on my own blog.
2) What review? I'm afraid I'm not 14 and don't recall agreeing to anything. I think I visited ITthing via a Non-Working Monkey link (her blog is largely white and very good and well worth a visit).

Rhianna - You lovely sarcastic Texan with a non-green site, your irony is like sweet, sweet nectar to me. Again, submitted my blog for a review? I may have left a comment on IT7? once (see above). Did that do it? I really seriously don't remember. You see, I am 32. I have some kind of life. If the whole point of that forum is to agree to be reviewed by teenage critics with a poor grasp of English, then I'm afraid I didn't realise. My bad, or something.

Ok - rant over. Thank you for your support. To new folks who like my blog, welcome. To new folks who hate my blog and think I'm a cunt, welcome.

fwengebola said...

I've just read the additional comments on IT2M. I was about to add a new post here but really don't care, although some of their regular contributors (morning, Breigh) are livid that this rebuttal post exists at all.

I was tempted (approx two-and-a-half seconds) to leave a comment, but can pretty much second-guess I'll end up flamed by a bunch of angry nerds who are chomping at the bit to tell me my teeth are bad, I got bitchslapped in 1776, and that Blogger sucks.

I am rather amused by all this. Blogging is new to me. I didn't realise there were blog snobs out there. Sorry folks, but you are a Coven of Cunts, a Nerd of Pedants (look it up), and a Shy of Virgins.

But cunts is good enough.

Anonymous said...

We love you Fweng. Forget the blog-snobs.

I was getting very excited about the promised orgy with you and Luna... then I re-read what you wrote and realized it was an orgy of appreciation.

Oh well. Still good.

Denim Boy said...

I've just discovered your blog and I hope you carry on. Those lairy cunts who slagged you off on their review can't even spell, let alone say anything decent.

I might recommend my blog to them just to see what they say about me.

Keep up the good work, you ginger fucktard!

Fussy Bitch said...


Sorry, I meant to say {{hug}}

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ok.

1. Ms. Chatty is female, so the usage of "dude", and "he" is inappropirate.

2. It was not that it was green, it was that it was BASIC and green. You don't have to design something yourself, go find a precoded blogger template that offers a little more than the inane basics.

3. Your tagline is "A repository of anger, complaint and embarrassment, with occasional digs at other countries for lazy stereotypical fun." and yet you can't take it when people offer it up to you?

I must beg you to please, please, please get out of the kitchen.

The Nothing Man said...

Bring on the teenage techno trash, I couldn't give a fuck. The day I ceased caring what some teenager thought about me was the day I left my teens. Fuck 'em. Let them give it their best!

fwengebola said...

LFM - Orgy away. I'm game.

Denim - welcome, you big tart. Stop chasing what you can't get and go after campcock.

Fussy - Bitch.

NM - Dontcha just love teens who hide behind anonymity?

Right, it's Thursday, the new Friday. I'm off out. Work has ended. NM... if you're in Soho right now... I'm headed there...

Weekends Off said...

I saw your review on IT2M and read the comments and of course, had to come see for myself. I was expecting something awful, but really, the green isn't so bad. It's not like it's lime green and blinding.

I have a standard blogger template and I'm perfectly fine with it. Anon says you should spend money on one...I wonder why? I know I'm not wasting my hard earned money for some designer template when there are free ones to use. Personally I don't think the template matters...anyone can buy a template that won't make their writing more interesting. It either is or it isn't no matter how pretty you dress it up.

I like your content, of course I have to admit that when I read it I imagine Hugh Grant's voice. I'm a sucker for an accent LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hey earth-hater...take it as a compliment, we both know you are a genius. If you do stop writing, I'll be compelled to hunt you down misery style and force you to write whilst chained to a bed...ooh sounds a bit kinky!! I did laugh at "weekends off" remark about imagining Hugh Grants voice when reading you..I always imagine Ian Beale!! Have a good day tommorow.

fwengebola said...

Woff - Thank you very much. And it's true that a nice shiny looking site won't make anybody's writing more interesting. In fact, if you can't spell, your grammar is shocking and you don't know how to apostrophise, a gorgeous looking site is about as useful as a strap-on on a hamster.

Anon - I like you a lot. But I am not a genius. That guy in Aya Napa who can suck himself off is a genius.
And I don't sound like Ian Beale, thank you very much! I like to think I sound like Daniel Craig. With a London accent.
(Yeah, ok, I sound like a barrow-boy.)

isabelle said...

Oh, how I laughed !You make me laugh !
They are the blogging equivalent of the silly rude girls you met the other day.
Don't give them a second thought, content over design wins every time to anyone with half a brain.
I will now imagine your barrow boy tones each time I read this blog. I think that could be a good thing.

luna said...

If it's for an orgy let's do it now,I haven't got all day