Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Bloody Sunday

I want cigarettes.

I think.

Plus I'm bored. And full of Pringles. Sundays suck. I want to wander aimlessly down the High Street and perchance visit a small public house for a sherry, but that will only make me want to smoke too.

I ducked out of going to my Dad's because I'm now sans car and he lives too far away for me to tube to his. He's also invited me over for dinner one evening but my Stepmum is the officially the Worst Cook in the World and I can't bear the thought of eating her meals sans taste. But not wanting to go also makes me feel guilty.

And after a weekend of zero involvement with women, I've got a week of work in a small office full of just men to look forward to.

I've just visited the kosher dating website I subscribe to, and it's the same faces, the same scary profiles about being 'Smart and Ambitious' and wanting to meet 'Tall, Dark and Handsome men'.

So that's me out.

Ah, fuck this. I'm going to wank myself into a coma then donate my genitals to science.

Fucking cunt of a planet.


luna said...

Have you ever read Emma Gold's autobiographical books?

In one she recalls a "kosher" matchmaking event she attended so funnily it almost made me pee myself.
But she tells it from the feminine angle of course.

fwengebola said...

I am not familiar of this work of which you speak. Is it Sex for busy people, perchance?