Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Borat, Britney, Saddam and Sacking Offences

I've just come back from the Borat movie. I had wondered how they could make a film out of a character who, like all of Sacha Baron Cohen's alter-egos, simply makes people look dumb just by pretending to be dumber.

But it works - just. I laughed out loud in a few places, although the biggest laugh for me was an innocuous sound effect. Nevertheless, around Act III, I even found myself everso slightly touched by the films one moment of emotion. (This was incidentally just before the squawk.)

And Jews get hammered. I shifted awkwardly in my seat during some scenes, notably the Running of the Jew festival at the beginning, and more so when Borat and his producer spend a night at an elderly couple's house. Retrospectively, it was a stunning piece that sent up Anti-Semitism as the ignorant nonsense it's always been. At the time, I did what I'd been doing throughout the movie; cringing with my hand over my eyes and wishing it would stop, like my last three dates.

I notice that Britney's just filed for divorce. Not knowing, much less caring, anything about her or what I take to be her complete twatstand of a (fifteenth?) husband, I still feel bad for her. Fame and fortune came early, and all she's found is a baby she can't hold properly, a succession of moneygrabbing men and quite possibly very little happiness.

Like Saddam, although minus the baby and golddiggers. I'm not sure what to think about his death sentence. 'Good Riddance' obviously springs to mind. But my two overriding thoughts on this are:
1 ~ From my anti-capital punishment stance, I believe that killing him won't bring back those he killed. Justice, perhaps. Revenge, certainly. But is revenge something to strive for? If you find out your child has been bullying children at school, do you take him or her to one side and beat them senseless to teach them right from wrong?

2 ~ The war in Iraq was illegal from the word go. We, the British and Americans, invade, take control of the country, and establish a democracy of sorts (Was Saddam's Ba'ath party represented? I honestly have no idea. Or any Fundamental Islamic groups? Perhaps.) We then try the bastard in an Iraqi court, and a death sentence is unsurprisingly imposed. But my point is this - Can any country invade any other, overthrow its government, corrupt and dictatorial or otherwise, try their former leader, and execute him?

If it were George Bush being invaded and tried, he'd probably say 'Erm, no'. It'll all end in tears. Well, more tears. I just hope it eventually ends. I have no idea how Bush can sleep at night with the deaths of his soldiers, our soldiers, the death of the Iraqi people, not to mention those he refused to pardon when he was governor of Texas. Of course, if I were in charge, there'd be no death penalty except in the case of cutting up cyclists or having three ASBOs.

And today, at work, my boss admonished me after slamming the phone down and sighing "I don't know why I fucking bother." I didn't realise there was a customer behind me. I should've done, as seconds earlier I'd been assisting her.
I should probably look for another job.



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It's an Anti-Social Behaviour Order. It's 'awarded' to the Anti-Social among us, predominantly those who don't really have much going for themselves. They don't care about degrees or academic rewards; an ASBO is now seen by the scumbags of Britain as a badge of honour and now I'm sounding like a right-wing fascist.