Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Religious veils

Veils "suck", according to stunning-wife-despite-looks-of-bearded-halibut author Salman Rushdie.

And suck they do. I'm in total agreement with Deaththreat Fishman. I don't actually mind face-framing jilbabs as they can be rather pleasant in a colour & makeup co-ordination/ respectful dress kinda way. Like here...


It's nice. She's clearly a Muslim, and she's happy. I like that. Just look at her lovely visible demi-smile.

Now, working in a famously Arab/ Muslim part of London as I do, I also see a lot of

Now I'm sorry, but this is a shroud. She's clearly a Muslim but that is all I know. I don't know if she's deliriously happy or if she's contemplating suicide. I can't tell if she's pondering to herself, if she needs help about something, or if she'd like to strike up a casual conversation about spiralling tube prices. My guess, my ill-educated and mis-informed guess, is that she's the unhappily owned property of some bloke.

Is that wrong?

I guess the whole veil shtick can be boiled down to the dichotomy between the Sanctity of Religion vs. the Freedom of Expression. But is a full-on burqua a freedom of expression, or symbol of repression? 'Cos I see "Shut up and make me dinner, woman."

And is all this ranting showing me up as a racist and a sexist, because I really want to see what the person looks like? Although I am a little annoyed that I'm considered such a base animal that I'm likely to be consumed by lust if I see so much as an ankle.

One of my closest friends is a lady Muslim gentlewoman. She is happy and loud and attractive and boistrous and fun. I'd hate to think of her completely covered up from head to toe. It would hide all of her attributes and people would avoid her, preventing her huge personality from coming to the fore. How could it not? And I think that is the point of all this ranting.

Jewish women - this tickles me so much - are also compelled to cover their heads (because all these religions that divide us are essentially exactly the same), yet frum women have got round this potential beauty obstacle by covering their hair...

...with better hair.

Here is a frankly voluminous wig that a) apparently keeps God happy and b) makes the wearer more sexy anyway. Please visit for more observant lady headgear needs.

So why the covering up in Islamic tradition? Apparently, the Koran asks for heads to be covered, just like Judaism. But in a fascinating evolutionary manner, this one seed of duty, this minor covering of one's source of knowledge and wisdom in the sight of the Big Hombre has become an absurd, chattal-like control of women, something perhaps more cultural and societal than religious.
Either way, it's just another man-made creation, like wars and bombs and income tax.

So blame men. We are all utter cunts, except for me.
Please have sex with me.


Anonymous said...

Considering that communication is approx 80% non-verbal, wearing the full hijab can appear intimidating because you just can't form any connection to that person. I know I feel uneasy when I see a lady dressed in this way and I'm Asian!! However I don't think anyone has the right to tell someone what they can and cannot wear. On personal note, I get seriously wound up by nutty old muslim men on the street yelling at me in urdu to cover my head and cover my legs. I normally have to tell them to f**k off and that I am a sikh. That usually horrifys them even more!! So much for communities living peacefully side by side!

It was interesting to read that some Jewish ladies cover their heads with wigs. I had no idea. You learn something new every day. Tell me something new for tommorow; what's a frum?

fwengebola said...

Sat Sri Akal, Anon. It's not a frum, just frum, and it's Yiddish for religiously observant.

Can't quite believe that old men feel they have the right to demand you cover up.

Having said that, I did go on at some length above that I'm not comfortable with women being covered up, so I guess it's the same thing in reverse and now I'm confused.

The Hobo said...

Remove all religions and we would have a happier world. Of that there is no doubt

I get uncomfortable when I'm speaking to somebody in shades and I can't see their eyes, so a full veil is no different in that regard.

However, if a woman chooses to wear one then who am I to disagree with her. I just don't see the point of double standards, and in the interests of equality, surely muslim men should also be made to wear full veils

fwengebola said...


And no. Religions aren't all bad. They're all nonsense at heart, but there is a nugget of good within. I'm biased, having been raised a Jew (albeit a shit one - Holidays abroad were a time to eat bacon for breakfast because we weren't at home).

I don't see religions as just that God rubbish, or 'We're better/ cleaner/ righter than you', but more about community, family, tradition.
These things are all tremendously important, and religion certainly provides that.

Now if we can find a way of uniting humanity into a traditional family community without this God guy ruining everything, we'd be onto a winner.

Anonymous said...

'a traditional family community'...

Yes, remove all religions. Many of the teachings are's just the cunts who do the teaching that are the problem.


I really must lower the tone. Try linking thoughts in different posts, e.g. "I have size 13 feet. Will you sleep with me?".

fwengebola said...

I've tried that in bars - it doesn't work.

luna said...

There are some advantages in wearing that thing,or a sack of black washing as Jill Tweedie used to say.
Noone recognizes you,like for instance,stalkers and speeding cameras,noone can tell when you're groping your lover in lieu of your husband.

I don't think all these women are directly forced to wear the binliner;indirectly,probably,because if they didn't they'd get harassed and felt up and abused from one end of the street to the next.
So they do it just to get some peace.

And to meet their lovers!