Monday, October 09, 2006

Contacting American Radio DJs Who Probably Like Musicals

Last week at work, with the boss gone, I asked my young colleague Roy what radio station he wanted me to find on the Internet.

"92.7' said Roy. He normally knows some decent pirate stations and I wanted to hear something funky and new.

Instead, we got Fernando and Greg.

Fernando and Greg are the breakfast DJs for Energy Fm in San Fransisco. Not quite an illegal London pirate, yet the music was actually quite good so we stuck with it.

There is something about them I just can't work out though. One of them - I haven't worked out who's who yet - sounds very excitable, particularly when discussing men's fashion. Perhaps he's an amateur designer. And as for Greg the Gay Sportscaster (catchphrase: "If they're playing with balls, I'm all over it"), he makes some very unbecoming comments now and again.
I can only imagine it's because these homosexuals are American.

So there I am at work, listening to gay DJs on a gay radio station playing hi-energy and housey tunes and rather enjoying it all. Until they MISPRONUNCIATED. I became so enraged that I had to email them to set the record straight:

"Borat" is pronounced "Bore -At", not "Bow-rart".
The Indian city of Pune is pronounced "Pooner" (They found this terribly amusing), and not "Poon" or "Poony".

For a brief second at work today, as I sat there feeling my eyes and soul rot as I stared into that fucking monitor, I suddenly heard Fernando (?) mispronounce Pune again, only to be corrected by Greg (?) as "some guy from London had written in."
"Oh, is that the guy who wrote in about Bow-rart?"
"Yeah, I think so."

As my interest was suddenly piqued, they began laughing at something I didn't quite catch - I think it must have been their joy at my helping them speak properly.

So I am finally famous.
In the San Francisco bay area.
To Fernando and Greg's listeners.

Sort of.


Chris said...

"Ich bin ein Blogger." Very good.

But what about, "One nation, under pods?"

fwengebola said...

Too American. How about, "Alas poor Yorick, I read his blog".

I'm sorry, that's horrendously geeky.

luna said...

I hope you mispelt their names in your e-mail.

fwengebola said...

Yes. Good old revenge.