Monday, September 18, 2006


Supermodels are worse than Hitler.

They are the creme de la creme, the cappo di tutti cappi of 'model', the brain dead imbeciles who suck in their cheeks and sashay down a newly-erected walkway as if they have an unlubed rod jammed up their arse. For some reason, Supermodels are prettier than the competition, have perfected exactly the right bipedal motion over their rivals, and have earned the right to wear someone else's clothes and walk forward - pause - turn - and scowl, to camp astonishment and applause.
These emaciated, chain-smoking, photographer's fucksacks have absolutely nothing to offer humanity except their kidneys. They may look pretty, but so does my Mum's dog.

Naomi Campbell seems to be the Queen Bee of Supermodels. Dumb, rich, spoilt, nauseating, violent, spiteful, hateful, unpleasant, arrogant and nasty. This coiffured slapped arse of a woman seems blessed with a pretty face and not one discernible shread of talent. She can walk the shit out of a lenghty platform...

... that's it.

Supermodels, I salute thee, and the companies that pay you millions to wear their expensive clothes for free so plebs like us will be blinded into remortgaging our house to buy their garms. Young women everywhere deserve to feel negative about their bodies thanks to your unrealistic airbrushed beauty.

You make our drab, pathetic, cheap lives so much better, by teaching us how to look pretty while frowning and walking forward in clothes. QUICK, THROW YOUR WAGES AT THEM!!!



AnsiosaH said...

Oh oh! I'm moved with you! You've got the fucking reason!!! In so many time, I've never found a person who thinks like me.

fwengebola said...

You sound like you should write porn movie scripts.

Miss Milk said...

I love you.

fwengebola said...

How nice, thank you. I love you too.