Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Steve Irwin's daughter

I've just woken up to the eulogising of a chirpy 8-year old on the radio.

Australian croc-botherer Steve Irwin died a couple of weeks ago after swimming over to one of Earth's less angry creatures and getting killed anyway. During today's memorial service his daughter couldn't have sounded less bothered. In fact, she rather seemed to be enjoying herself.

I suspect we haven't heard the last of her. Keep watching 'Neighbours'. If you must.

What's truly remarkably though, is the reaction of some of Steve's fans to his death. Now I love this, it's totally off the Ironic Scale. Steve was underwater with a stingray. Singray attacks on humans are incredibly rare, and they're not naturally agressive, they only sting in defence. Even the venom is rarely lethal. Nonetheless, this stingray saw Irwin floating above and JAB, barb through the heart.

So some of these fans have been killing Stingrays in revenge attacks... Stingrays - incapable of free thought - freak accident - essentially a fish - being singled out for murder.

And the worst part? The guilty stingray is probably still out there, blissfully unaware and looking really fucking ugly.
There really is no justice.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how fuckin' small-minded you are. Hell, you're just as narrow-minded as those fanatics who killed stingrays in revenge for what they did to Steve, whom I hate.

Just because that ray killed Steve, it doesn't mean that it knows any better. By siding with those fanatics against the stingrays, you and your fellow fans are no better than those poisonous animals.

Since I hate what those anti-stingray fuckwads did to those animals, I wish that they got revenge on them and you for what you did to their kind.

Hell, you and those fanatics make me ashamed to be human. Therefore, I favor animals over you. At least, they're not as hostile as you even though they're less evolved.

You know? You really are whining idiot who has nothing better to do. No wonder you your profile speaks the truth about you.

It's really sad that you hate the Earth. I may not love everything about this world. But at least, I can handle it better than you can while you just sit on your ass and make shitty comments like a crybaby.

Newsflash: Deal with reality the right way. If not, it'll eat you alive.

But if you insist on hating this planet that much, then why don't you just commit suicide? That way, nobody will feel like he or she has to read your whiny-ass complaints.