Saturday, September 30, 2006


I have never been to Denmark and would love to go there, and also to the rest of Scandinavia. They have a lot of blondes.

I know two facts about Denmark:

Great Dane: Hans Christian Andersen

The first is that 63 years ago to this day when Denmark was under Nazi occupation, its 7,500 Jews were to be deported. This information was leaked out and on September 29th, two days before the Jewish New Year, the chief rabbi gathered his congregation and told them to spread the word to hide, as German transports were getting ready to load up.

The word was passed and Danes from all walks of life, over the course of a couple of days and under cover of darkness, helped virtually all of Denmark's Jews escape to neutral Sweden. By the time the Gestapo were ready to implement their plans, there was no-one left to deport.

The second fact I know is that in 1967, Denmark became the first country in the world to legalise pornography.

Pros: Porn. Being thoroughly decent coves. Cecilie Thomsen.
Cons: Porn. It's a double-edged sword, that one. Unfortunate cartoons of Mohammed.


luna said...

She looks well tanned for a blonde.
Must be the Saint Tropez

fwengebola said...

I can't say I noticed a tan.